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24th > March > 2009 Archive

Ex-EA man schools iPhone game makers

GDC 09Ask yourself 'What would Nintendo do?'

Worm breeds botnet from home routers, modems

More than 100,000 hosts invaded

Bush Obama sides with RIAA in P2P fight

No change to believe in

Novell kicks out SUSE Linux Enterprise 11

Getting Mono and getting high

Medion tower makes supermarket debut

'Eggs, bacon, bread, milk, PC...'

Taking the bull by the balls: A NetApp history

ReviewSurefire Hitz, or a load of WAFL?

Lawyer-client privilege no bar to surveillance, say Lords

Yes sir, I can bug you

Failed tax system still causing grief

More help needed for vulnerable

Ofcom finds few using e-gov

Online services? Meh

O2, Vodafone in cabinet bunk-up

No, really, this is huge

El Reg Street View snappers caught on camera

Surveillance feedback loops threaten fabric of time and space

Nokia unfolds 7205 Intrigue

With 'hidden-until-lit' display

Adamo battery not hot-swappable

Those damn screws...

London health authority put on notice over data breach

ICO fumes over dumped PCs with patient records

Brainscan boffins build blunder-warning hat

'Danger, Prime Minister! Do not trust the economist!'

All aboard for six gig SAS

Hitachi GST and Atto get involved

Pot Noodle boils up instant doner kebab

'The ultimate man food snack'

ContactPoint rollout grinds to a halt, again

Come on, while we're young

EMI rejigs digital unit, waves goodbye to ex-Google CIO

Douglas Merrill in and out in under a year

Police ad urges: 'Trust no one'

AnalysisA nation of bin-rummagers?

Pure Digital Evoke-2S DAB and FM radio

ReviewQuality sound

Police union leader calls for 'killer games' sales ban

World would be better off without violent videogames

Digital Britain: Orange and 3 talk back to Carter

Vodafone and O2 saying nowt

LibDems want gov action on killer lorries of death

Sock'n'scandal wearers focus on real issues

ID cards not compulsory after all, says Home Office

Blunkett plan finding favour?

Windows Home Server fixes bugs with Power Pack 2

Some improvements too

Facebook encourages ISP customer protests over Phorm

But doesn't commit to opt-out

eCard scammer avoids jail

Phishing scam targeted AOL subscribers

Online retailer offers Sim-free iPhone 3Gs

They don't come cheap, though

Seagate re-armours small business storage

UpdateBlackArmor NAS offers bare metal restore

Home Office details early ID vendors

Put 3M and nCipher on your Christmas list

China bans YouTube again

We're not afraid of the internet

Discovery crew prep for return to Earth

ISS mission accomplished, undocking tomorrow

Romanian hacking group downs tools

HackersBlog crew weary of the road

Samsung introduces NC10-successor netbooks

2GHz Atom chips on board?

Sony hints at eco-friendly HD TV future

ExclusiveMotion-sensing screen cut-off to be standardised?

Samsung B2700 Bound rugged mobile phone


DARPA at phase 2 on human 'regeneration' tech

Zaphod Beeblebrox™ extra limbs for multitaskers?

Penguin-free Linux 2.6.29 kernel released

Tasmanian devil gives Tux the boot (for now)

GSMA scores 2, concedes 3, with EU

But who is playing for consumers?

Michael Dell licks chops over Bigger Indigo

IBM-Sun deal 'an enormous opportunity'

PGP email marketing gaffe creates message storm

Aren't you supposed to be experts at this stuff?

Mr. WebTV gives games thin-client treatment

GDC 09Crysis on your netbook

Cisco pitches new world server order

The California School of Economics

Kiwi telecom inks contract with convicted hacker

Akill's killing

Red Hat aims open-source at IT discomfort zone

OSBCStrike while the Meltdown is hot

Google, Mozilla back 3D interwebs

GDC 09Accelerated API

UK boffins to breed syntho-blood from human embryos

As syntho-blood exec fakes terminal cancer

Newfangled rootkits survive hard disk wiping

BIOS attack targets PC nether region

Kiwis scrap 'three strikes' P2P policy

Frenchie copyright law gets rewrite

Novell boss in semi-apology over Microsoft pact

OSBCLost in the moment

Google goes long with new search pages

Lengthy snippets dabble in paradox

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