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23rd > March > 2009 Archive

IBM sics lawyers on Bigger Indigo deal

Sun scrutinized

Girls Aloud obscenity trial delayed

Legal arms race holds things up

Pan-European network share for Vodafone and O2

Better coverage or better margins?

The death of mobile innovation?

CommentRampant Qualcommification

Ministers spending billions on unlawful databases

Rowntree Trust unwraps everyday 'Transformational Government'

Carbonite tells Promise: You're toast

UpdateRAID supplier sued

Eclipse to unwrap Swordfish in early April

Takes stab at open-source SOA software

Compellent promises fast hot data and cooler temps

Automatically tiering solid state drives

The Register’s third annual Good, Bad and Ugly IT vendor survey

Who's hot and who's not?

Zero-G vanishing bone issue solved, says prof

Just tighten up that ISS treadmill bungee a bit

Nude Oz politico snaps a 'con'

Newspaper apologises to Pauline Hanson

BT names first 29 exchanges for fibre rollout

Is yours on the list?

Firms fight over LG Arena launch date

Could be this week, could be next month

Data Domain shows second quadcore box

Shiny new DD660

Street View caught taking the piss - again

Reg hack also nailed on Google Maps

Apple Time Capsule

ReviewOne network, multiple standards, simultaneously

Asus unfolds Origami laptop launch window

To be pitched at MacBoor Air alternative

Overland off Nasdaq non-compliance hook - for now

Nasdaq withdraws letter

Bletchley Park fires up replica Turing Bombe

Engineering award for legendary Enigma-busting kit

Scareware affiliates playing search engines

Scam gets results

German Mickey Mouse radio snoops on cops

Kids tune into Polizei chatter

Nikon Coolpix S225 unveiled

Latest point and shoot

North East, Nissan to explore e-car promo plan

'Leccy TechAgree to talk about holding talks

Emotional arguments do not make Street View illegal

OpinionBad hair days not Google's problem

Aussie ISP pulls out of firewall trial

Can't reconcile with corp responsibility

Parents in dark about kids' school life

Turn on the PC says Becta

New ISS piss-recycler still troublesome

Sweat and tears only for parched astronauts

Samsung unveils curvy, colourful netbook

Funky colours, funky keyboard

Russian spy agencies linked to Georgian cyber-attacks

Follow the bear prints

Web giants urged to bar Phorm

Google and Microsoft encouraged to opt out

Intel responds to Psion countersuit

Liar, liar, portable handheld pants on fire?

Google designer quits over performance obsession

All cut up by 'sword of data'

Cybercrime server exposed through Google cache

UK and US IDs exposed to world

Numbers should be portable, insists Reding

One-day porting plea

Microsoft claims IE8 is 'a leap forward in web standards' it fails Acid3 test

Satyam shortlist gets even shorter as iGate bails

Final countdown this week

UK's child protection database delayed again

Government IT fail? Shurely not

Ad-supported webcam border surveillance hits Texas

Aussie pub boozers turn Web-2.0 Virtual Nark™

Mod man turns toaster into SNES

From Morphy Richards into Super Nintoaster

YouTube gets new mobile client

30,000 dancing cats on your phone

Oracle raises software prices on IBM's Power6 iron

Anything IBM can do...

LG pegs April for next netbook debut

X120 launch dated

TomTom flexes Linux muscle in Microsoft's face

Signs up to Open Invention Network

Apple says sorry for Mac Perl breakage

Fix on the way

Blu-ray Disc added to UK shopping basket

Office of National Statistics takes out MP3 players to empower corporate Twitter snooping

Cloudy conversations

Intel freezes top salaries, reprices options

Meltdown strikes again

iPhone rumor mill conjures multiple models

Video capture, faster net access

Stallman warns open-sourcers on Javascript-browser trap

Seductive charm of AJAX

Qualcomm startup punts '4th game console' for developing nations

GDC 09Beating piracy with wireless distribution

Battlestar Galactica eyes 'technology run amok'

Spoiler AlertRemind you of anything?

Google behavioral ads tap DoubleClick eyeball

It's not the ads. It's the behavior

Will Big Blue mainframes run Windows?

z/VMs get Microsoft rumor

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