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18th > March > 2009 Archive

iPhone chip designer trumpets multi-core GPUs

Multicore ExpoUse your Imagination

Opera promises netbook and mobile Turbo boost

Graphics impact

Sun breaks through the clouds

Presque vu all over again

Rackable shrinks CloudRack cookie sheets

Pre-heat data center to 104 degrees...

Mimosa mixes SharePoint, mail and files in one archive

Are customers making their mind up?

Discovery docks with ISS

No bat on board, sadly

Health trust pushing on with record sharing

Long-term sick targeted

Councils clamp down on Strategy Boutique Newspeak

The end of blue sky horizon scanning coterminosity

ISS space bio-experiment freezer to return on Discovery

Superheroes and/or bizarre space pestilences assured

IBM 'in talks' to buy Sun Microsystems

Schwartz dives for cover in Big Blue

Juror tweets could force retrial

'Twit' doesn't quite cover it

Government flags ID cost increase

Passport slice shrinkage

Aussie firewall blocks Wikileaks

What's that Skippy? There's bad stuff on the internet?

World's first proper flying car makes debut flight

Here's your flying car

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS7

ReviewStand-out performance?

Fujitsu moves colour e-reader to pre-order stage

Books, documents and presentations in colour

Philips Xenium handset leaked

Cool design, with metal backing

Online video regulation structure outlined by Government

Ofcom steps up/sidesteps

Rogue Aus sysadmin jailed over hacking spree

Drunken revenge backfires

London stab murder rate entirely normal, says top stats prof

Media hysterics capital of the world

Dell pipelines Adamo netbook?

Support app points to 9in version

Sex offender email monitoring plan mothballed blames human rights judgment

Killzone 2 to drive XBox 360 owners to PS3, claims Sony

A game so good you'll be powerless to resist?

Minister confirms U-turn on data sharing

But zombie clause will return

Vodafone promises a response if you're really, really big

SLAs? Only if you're a multinational

HP hits UK workers with canteen, car, pension cuts

Cuts in May

Linux netbook share to fall to 10% in 2009

Down from 70 per cent last year

Brit D-cell torpedo in icepack-bottom probe

Icebreaker crew landed with 4 tonnes of dead batteries

Apple plays catch-up with new iPhone features

Point the DeLorean at 1999!

Minister admits thought crime is on the agenda

Oh George, you are a one

Apple unit sales fall sharply

February a 'crummy month'

EMC fattens up flash drive second edition

Size matters

BBC botnet 'public interest' defence rubbished by top IT lawyer

V for Vigilante

Logitech launches laptop cooler

Keep your PC cool during the British summertime

Brando unveils iPhone add-on lenses

Improve your phone photography

Mormons demand ICANN plugs net smut hole

No more crazy whoreses, thanks

Jaguar-Land Rover to develop F1-style energy recovery tech

'Leccy TechMotorsport concept to filter down to road cars

Treating today’s security risks

Episode 2Audio with slides attached

Congress re-mulls ban on wireless tax

Grassroots movement comes from rather rich soil

Hefty 'battle strength' electro-laser breaks 100kW barrier

We're gonna need a bigger shark, boss

Recession victims big on Linux, IDC says

It's the talk of the poorhouse

Microsoft throws Silverlight 3 beta at Adobe

Mix 09Plugs gaps, and then some

Privacy watchdog barks for federal Gmail probe

The Google Cloud - Is it safe?

Crackers latch onto year-old Windows token vuln

Unpatched bug features in multi-stage attacks

Apple intoxicated with ex-Vista chief's musical stylings

iTunes honors Allchin's Allchest's 'Enigma'

Sun pitches new cloud as 'Open Platform'

Like Linux, for grids

The long slog to multicore land

Multicore ExpoChip future must wait

Ubuntu gets pre-Koala cloud love

The sky is open

TinyURL, your configs are showing

Twitter pal leaves server wide open

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