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17th > March > 2009 Archive

Mathematica man brews 'AI' Google Killer™

A New Kind of Pseudo-Science

Opera chief: Microsoft's IE 8 ‘undermines’ web standards

Silverlight a lesson in openness

Nvidia pitches OpenCL as 'market builder'

Multicore ExpoSelling standards not our game

Sun lands Sparc-Xeon super on Cape Town

South Africa's 27 teraflops

Pratt changes name to Bruce Willis

Die Hard supermarket shelf-stacker

Great Aussie firewall claims first victim

Forum threatened with fine for link to banned site

Come on, Sir Tim!

StobCelebrating Web 2(no point)0

Worm burrows into Church of England email system

Infected bishop loses e-pistles

Sony Ericsson Walkman W705 music phone

ReviewAdd GPS and it becomes the W715

Commission repeats call for single EU patent

You're holding up the whole line

VIA pushes netbook reference design

Yes, another one

The Register Security Webcast is available on-demand

RegcastArguments and facts

UK supplier intros 8.9in, SSD netbook as world goes 10in, HDD


ISS spared space junk avoidance manoeuvre

All well pending Discovery's arrival

Ericsson quickens up cable broadband

Five times faster, but will we benefit?

Dell MacBook Air Adamo officially launched

Slim and sexy, dahling, but mediocre inside?

Ex-Star Wars boffins build mosquito-blasting raygun

Fiery photon vengeance wrought upon pestilential bloodsuckers

Dragons' Den winner infringed own patent, IPO rules

He's out

T-Mobile pushes consumer mail

All you need is shove, apparently

Kraft puts foot in big pot of yoghurt?

LogoWatch exclusiveNew logo maybe treads on Yoplait's toes

Lights out, Britons told - we're running out of power

ExclusiveDo your bit because Labour didn't

Mozilla hangs fire on Firefox 3.5 till June

Schtop! This browser is not ready

Ofcom makes network operators carry mis-selling can

Grown-up responsibilities

US woman attacks missus with sperm-filled syringe

Home insemination attempt ends in court

Nokia to fire 1,700 staff

UK offices hit hard

Sony Ericsson crafts miniature boombox

Rad, man!

Terry Waite backs McKinnon

Beirut hostage joins 'pretty harmless' camp

Nintendo wins Wii patent case

Judge chucks out plaintiff's IP infringement claim

British Korea ambassador in 'diplomatic' blog shock

Children salute Kim Jong Il's courage, indefatigability

Samsung PB22-J 256GB SSD

ReviewOur new favourite solid-state drive

Put down your pens: Cartoons next on censor block

CommentTransatlantic campaign mounts against scribbled smut

'Louis Vuitton'-edition 'Moto Aura' launched

It's, like, well posh, innit

HM Treasury website traffic goes into recession

No inflation in these figures

Google phone OS to transform Linux netbooks, says researcher

Windows for mini-laptops, Android for appliances

BMW, Fiat partner to dominate small e-car biz?

'Leccy TechMini, Isetta, Topolino could be remodelled for eco motoroing

Obesity witchhunt is a 'moral panic' - sense out of Texas

CommentWe need a total ban on Body Mass Index statistics

Euro ion-rocket sat launch success

Open-door policy at Plesetsk this time

Hong Kong supplier punts Mac-alike netbook

VIA Nano inside

Boffins finger reason for non-aligned cows

Power lines disrupt bovines' north-south grazing tendency

Cisco's uncharted territory: Here be storage dragons

CommentBlades are one thing, disks are quite another

Samsung's first Android phone spied online?

Blurry picture, equally blurry specs

California: Cisco gives out some details, finally

Just don't call it a blade server

Dell bringing SSDs to the EqualLogic party?

Round Rock stays mum on PS6000

Man turns finger into storage

The bloke with storage at his fingertips - literally

Apple iPhone sales tally tops 17m

Over 13m iPod Touches too

Obama CIO a confessed petty thief

Blogosphere surfaces 12-year-old guilty plea

Reverse engineering Apple's OS X

Mac SecretsA thunking good time

iPhone 3.0 adds cut-and-paste, search, new dev toys

Arriving in 'summer'

Card-sniffing trojans target Diebold ATM software

Innovations in cybercrime

Amazon sued by cable TV giant over Kindle ebooks

Patent infringement, natch

Microsoft dumped after India PM's emails go AWOL

Ushers in open-source era

Irish ISPs rally against record label anti-piracy threat

Three strikes rule? Pshaw

Google in Chrome rebetafication

New non-release '35% faster'

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