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16th > March > 2009 Archive

Cloudera floats commercial Hadoop distro

Open source for the Google wannabe

HP in NonStop rack server chase

Blading (not quite) everything

Discovery en route to ISS

NASA hails 'spectacular' launch

Pandemonium at NYC 'Top Model' audition

WSAChaos, coppers and cuffings

Freecom pitches tough hard drive at sporty types

Protected against 2m drops, hackers

Lead roof thief eyeballed targets on Google Earth

Swiped £100k of Pb in six months

Scottish Parliament pr0n law faces angry opposition

Dead horse flogging farce limps on

NASA pimps Google Mars

Historical maps, 'live' image feeds added

National Express to 'ban' trainspotting

'They should go back to running buses'

Mystery chip found inside talking iPod Shuffle's earphones

Controller chip - or covert IP protection part?

Sega Mega Drive to be revived next month

Get lost, PlayStation

Coroners & Justice Bill chewed a new one by opposition

Mostly duff: Too few plums

BBC Click paid cybercrooks to buy botnet

Your licence fees at work

TfL cans mobiles on the tube plan

Thank f*ck for that

Guns N' Roses blogger faces music prison

Feds, RIAA disagree on numbers

Doc-in-chief targets 'passive drinking' with price hike

50p per unit floor to keep boozers upright

Supercar maker pitches 'leccy sportster with stunning spec

'Leccy TechCan't put a Quant in a pint pot?

Dell Inspiron Mini 12 notebook-not-netbook

ReviewThe netbook goes big-screen

DARPA to build nothingness detector for tunnel sniffing

Bottom falls out of subterranean-lair market

Right-wing Oz politico in nude snaps rumpus

That's not me, protests Pauline Hanson

Industry ponders fate of Wacky Jacqui's überdatabase

Has anyone seen my IMP?

Samsung parades 'sleek' handset

The new Tocco?

Upper-atmos ion drive dart sat launch delayed

UpdatedPlesetsk countdown stopped at T minus 7 seconds

Intel hits AMD with patent breach claim

Never trust an IP agreement

Scientology spokesman confirms Xenu story

It's all true after all

Tosh touts latest Camileo camcorders

Slim, light and sexy shooters

Symbian shows release plan

Launch schedule launched

HTC 'Maple' to unfold next month?

Taking a 'leaf' from the BlackBerry book

Storage software bucks hardware sales trend

Keep the champagne on ice, though

Satyam loses Oz contract

As bidders line up

iPhone developers gifted lovely free extension

While Apple mulls exclusively expensive app store

Geo-located malware appears over the horizon

Dirty bomb ruse used to punt worm

HP skims another 10% off some EDS workers' pay packets

No joke as US, Puerto Rico staff have April pay cut

Microsoft's Azure cloud suffers first crash

Evangelize first, report later

Better metrics needed for security, says expert

Awash in bad data

Lenovo 'Vaio P clone' not a Vaio P clone, claims Lenovo

Pocket Yoga designed two years ago, firm insists

iPod Touch torches tyke's trousers

Mum sues Apple, Apple Store automatons

Cisco throws California virt-server gauntlet

Much talk, action pending

Web scam hoodwinks web founding father

Berners-Lee burned

Hollywood retrofits MacGyver into feature flick

Applied science hero's pop culture resurgence

Google inspires behavioral ad-zapping Firefox add-on

Cookie-filled TACO

Google open sources poor man's Web2.0rhea

$12m Jaiku put out to pasture

New DNS trojan taints entire LAN from single box

One 'sploit pwns all

Google clones search ad machine on photo sharer

Picasa joins money grab

Red Hat patent app sparks open source lockdown fears

'Defensive' patent or IP minefield?

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