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10th > March > 2009 Archive

Mobile companies unite on Apple - Google threat

Eclipse offers sliver of light

Inside the world's greatest TV remote

ETechFun with microcontrollers

HP sweet talks the hand that feeds IT

Now is the time to spend (on us)

Seagate revs up SATA speed

Keep up at the back

Nokia sweetens juice-monitor app

Data rates, signal strength and RAM, oh my!

Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot C510

ReviewWho says Cyber-shots have to be high end?

Computacenter grows revenues as profits fall

Blames the French

Oz bloke in underpants wrestles 'lunatic ninja' roo

When Skippys attack

Motion-powered phone en route

Stores kinetic energy

Isilon adds faster clustered file storage

Deduping nearline storage too

No welcome in the valleys for Welsh incinerator

Locals oppose £400m 'dirty stinking scheme'

UK IT should 'fire men first', says Kate Craig-Wood

Expensive blokes' jobs should be gendersourced

HP tells us all about EVA

Fasten your seatbelts

Royal Mail disses runaway post van man

Injured have-a-go hero 'victim of his own misfortune'

Google's cloud bursts yet again

Scattered outages for Gmail users

MEPs flatten roaming costs

Cheaper calling next year, probably

Russian politician: 'My assistant started Estonian cyberwar'

Dubious DDoS lols

Samsung spells out alphabet touch-phones

Swipe A to open messaging or B to start the camera

Dell launches well 'ard laptop

With tank-like armour plating

Ingram ups small biz credit

Money meets mouth

Tata to release UK's first 'serious' electric car

'Leccy TechLooks like a real car not a G-Whizz

The world's best tech bike?

A snip at just £20,000

Boffins build 'slow glass' light-trapping nanodoughnut

Exciton in tight ring = fast photonic computing?

Government rejects call to limit insolvency firms' fees

Don't soak the liquidators

Apple 17in MacBook Pro

ReviewHow much battery life? How big a price tag?

DNA database includes nipper and nonagenarian

The seven ages of man according to Smith

UK gov gets twitchy on Google feature creep

CommentLess lassitude on Latitude please

Eset false alarm puts system files on remand

Kryptik cock-up

Man punts 'prototype' iPhones on eBay

A piece of history?

No investigation after malware is found on parliamentary PC

Hill to climb for new e-crime unit

Silverlight and open-source Java love has its day

Microsoft-blessed interop project delivers

Court rules airline secret security list is stupid

You carrying anything which might be on our secret list?

Cops foil Level 3 burglary

Three charged after attempted London heist

Microsoft notebook stand blows in

Fan-powered cooling base

Homosexuality does for UK blue duck population

'A lovely couple', admits downheartened bird warden

Firefox 3.1 morphs into Firefox 3.5

Mozilla claims version switcheroo won't hurt ship date

Conspiracy theories fly around Norton forum 'Pifts' purge

EXE phones home?

Hynix to pay Rambus $379m in patent dispute

Case ending just short of its tin anniversary

The long road to Reader and Flash security Nirvana

UpdatedCritical Adobe updates not easy to come by

Microsoft promises 'first' relational cloud storage

Policy U-turn adds SQL Server network protocol

VMware takes EMC 'beyond virtual servers'

The 21st century software mainframe

Apple ogles location-based iPhone ads

Patent app knows where you are

TSMC shocks market with break-even claim

Last minute Chinese save

Concerted Linux-netbook effort needed to beat Microsoft

Zemlin: skin this cat with services

Stratus punts freebie VMware virt software

Company feels your pain

Craigslist boasts 95% drop in 'erotic services' listings

Cracking down on classifieds of ill-repute

Linux-Lego man trumpets OSH revolution

ETechOpen source hardware 'ten years away'

Nvidia seeks 'PC soul' software

$5m could be yours

AOL starts swinging the axe

'Important meeting' invite

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