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5th > March > 2009 Archive

Diebold e-voting software includes delete audit logs button

No confirmation necessary

Google Earth faces terrorist target airbrush bill

Dick Cheney Treatment meets little red schoolhouse

Forrester: Fake servers like recessions

Even if you don't

Nude Apple iMac pics leaked to web

PhotosSuction cup fantasy

Nvidia trapped in x86 pipe dream

Intel foe wants Intel license

Sun loses Apache and Spring vote on latest Enterprise Java

UpdatedLicensing and 'design by committee' red flags

Developers more 'satisfied' with PHP than other codes

Ease of use plus no unpleasant aftertaste

Datatec scoops up Intact

Beefing up channel love

NHS study produces ejector-seat ambulance design

Projectile paramedics to the rescue

Humax Foxsat-HDR Freesat HD digital video recorder

ReviewRecord and replay HD

Industry’s behavioural ad guidelines criticised

Six months given to sort out privacy protection

Stargazers spy elusive binary black hole system

Two monsters circling in distant quasar

UK to get Vauxhall Ampera a year after the rest of Europe

'Leccy TechEuro Volt unveiled at Geneva Motor Show

Data Protection Act 'is not enforced'

Private sector losing more data than gov?

Adobe expects disappointing Q1 sales

Business weakened by economic downturn

'Gv up txt 4 Lent,' urges bishop

Log off Facebook, leave your iPhone at home

Firefox update tackles critical memory bugs

We can remember it for you wholesale

O2 unveils electronic organiser for families

Replace your fridge magnets

NetApp dumps Filerview for new model

System Manager lined up

Intel mobile roadmap promises Air for the masses

Cebit 09Recession-busting plan is thin stuff?

Multi-sense VR helmet in development

The sights and sounds and - yes - the smells...

One year on, what became of Ofcom's spectrum sale?

Absentee landlords and unwanted property

Seagate swings hefty axe at execs

Brian Dexheimer, 22 others jettisoned

One in 20 corporate PCs infested by bots

Zombies, faasands of 'em

YouTube, Universal near new video deal

Veni, vidi, Vevo

Israelis develop 'safe' plutonium: good for power, bad for weapons

Nuke waste could be used as fuel - even by Arabs

Vista SP2 release candidate gets public airing

World+dog invited to play with near-ready service pack

The Sun shines out of certified Java programmers

Papers chasing papers

Emtec Movie Cube S800 DVR

ReviewTiVo meets AppleTV?

Samsung launches latest netbook UMPC

Kyboshes keyboard

Games good for kids and families, finds Microsoft

It would say that, wouldn't it?

Facebook client seemingly snaffled from Windows 6.5

Socially network this

Mitsubishi shows revamped 'innovative' EV

'Leccy TechSporty

Vatican vetos 'dot god' domain

More ICANN namespace squabbling

Martian volcano could harbour hot underground pondlife

Olympus Mons home to sun-dodging slime creatures?

Sony, BT to axe 'popular' PSP VoIP package

Skype to blame?

Windows 7 test build 'turns off' Internet Explorer 8

Not killed off completely though...

Obama taps Google cloud lover as America's first CIO

Kundra's stateless government

Lenovo erects Atom tower

Taking the fun out of DIY

Firefox went ton up in bugs in 2008

Secunia stats inflame browser beef

Zero-day Adobe PDF peril goes click free

Thumbnail preview threat

Intel aims open source at your car

Atom auto-infotainment push

Taiwan bails out memory makers

Melds six DRAMers

Sun's Schwartz worries over 'economy, not future'

CommentPonytail shakes pom-poms

Google admits Scandinavian data center landing

Budgets (only) $250m for newspaper destruction metaphor

Feds demand Obama scam ads crackdown

Facebook and Google get pat on head

iPhone inches closer to China

Beware the clone horde

Oracle facing 'worst' quarter in 15 years?

Flaw in buying-IT-customers strategy uncovered

Web maven gives convicted botmaster keys to new kingdom embraces Acidstorm

Amazon does video game trade-ins

Targets GameStop, publishers

Facebook mimics Google's 'poor man's email'

We can do Web2.0rhea... bitch

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