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4th > March > 2009 Archive

Google boss backs subsidized Linuxbooks

Backtracks on Meltdown-proofiness

The Borings renew Street View fight

'Our home a Google Slave'

Obama releases Dubya's secret anti-terror memos

Warrantless wiretapping? Check

Fusion-io secretly parts with CEO

UpdatedOh, and there's an HP pact

US court urged to block warrantless GPS tracking

Surveillance in the digital age

MontaVista joins Moblin crew

Hop into Intel's Linux stack

US warboffins update Where Eagles Dare gizmo-bombs

Multifunction plug-in detonator gadgets sought

Serious business behind Microsoft's Silverlight-3 tease

Game faces on this month

Iron Mountain punts subterranean data storage

Underground cloud vault

Dell plays with virtual data centers

Punts shiny new server racks too

Gigabyte unveils touch-sensitive, twistable netbooks

Quartet of Atom-based tablets shown off

Butt-based watch UI uncovered

Gentlemen, sit your watches

San Diego F-18 crash deaths 'avoidable'

Mechanical failure and human error led to tragedy

Portuguese open sourcers decry MS-only gov eProcurement

Running Linux? Want to tender? Forget it

HP plays the Fusion-io card

CommentA solid state of mind - for now?

Panasonic reveals dual-resolution camera

Shoot video at 1080p or 720p

Lenovo IdeaPad S10e netbook

ReviewThe ThinkPad of laptots?

ITV to sell Friends Reunited, axe 600 jobs

Ad revs plummet

MPs vote to keep addresses private (theirs, not yours)

Our house, in the middle of a street we're not about to reveal to you plebs

Government wastes £4.6m on mobile telly nonsense

Web2.0-twattery: Condom ads watched by almost no one

Online bookie Bwin funding dodgy football website


Garmin walks out pedestrian-oriented satnavs

'Step left at the next corner'

ZTE promises world's first low-cost solar phone

Only 30 quid a pop?

Polish Spitfire shoots down BNP

Anti-immigration poster pic blunder

LG preps 8Mp Viewty successor

Popular cameraphone to be updated?

Amazon's Kindle goes soft with iPhone app

LCD reading fun for the US

OLED-equipped 'open source' EV shown at Geneva Motor Show

'Leccy TechLight Car in the flesh

HP punts Officejet threesome at SMBs

One page after another

MPs told PGP 'incompatible' with Parliament network

Cryptographic conundrum

Taiwan suggests suffering IT vendors try China, Africa and India

Cebit 09No prospects in the US and Europe

Bloodhound supercar is 'recession beater', says promoter

Boob-squeezing boffins steal Richard Noble's show

Epson EH-DM2 projector with built-in DVD player

ReviewOnly needs a mains connection?

US cops called to McDonalds menu cock-up

No McNuggets? Dial 911!

Acer promises Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone for €49

Cebit 09'The market's changed in recent months...'

Eye-Fi launches Wi-Fi video upload SD

Picture upload app for iPhone also promised

EC retires the Microsoft watchdog

Monitoring trustee gets laid off

Opera lances 'extremely severe' jpg bug

Norwegian browser update guards against pillaging

Asus cracks out of its shell with Air-esque Eee PC

Cebit 09Slaps Eee moniker on PCs, storage, sticks...

Last day for anti-snooping petition

As ad companies promise not to break the law

Huawei unwraps 21Mb/s HSDPA dongle

Sports retractable USB connector

Asus unfolds dual-screen laptop/e-book reader

Cebit 09Prototype display seen at CeBit

German cops bust cybercrime forum

Trojan scammer trouncing

Spotify breach creates password hack risk

Radio ga-ga

Obama taps net neut for FCC post

Law school chums

AMD's former chip-making unit dubbed 'Globalfoundries'

'The Foundry Company' no more

AMD teams with Intel chum on 40nm GPU shrink

TSMC gets around

Brit pair convicted for high-tech bank heist gone bad

Botched £229m USB stick plot

Schwarzenegger delivers the goods for Cebit fans

You know he won't really be back

NASA teams with Cisco to track carbon in 'near real-time'

New insights into climate change

Microsoft courts enterprises with Windows 7

Take a look. We dare you

HP babysits small biz servers

Zeros in on Europe with 0% financing

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