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2nd > March > 2009 Archive

LG 830 "Spyder" phones recalled for dropping 911 calls

Stranded motorist sparks nationwide handset fix

Apple overhauls MobileMe

Drains swamp of embarrassment

Iomega muffs hard drive DLNA testing

Home Media Network not compliant

Citrix taps VMLogix for fake server jukeboxing

Just what Microsoft needed

Melting flash-mem giant Spansion files for Chapter 11

Ex-CEO vows return of golden handshake

Great Australian Firewall dead in the water?

Sex Party add insult to injury

Brit nuke subs exposed on Google Earth

GCHQ. MI6 and SAS also laid bare

Phishers automate attacks using 'Google hacking'

Why pay when you can pwn?

Obama chopper plans leaked on file-sharing nets

Secret 'Marine One' copter blueprints seen at Tehran IP

Data Domain doing faster dedupe

Doubling up and up

BlackBerry Bold sales suspended in Japan

Some handsets heat up too when re-charged

Satyam sale possible before probe ends

'Ere, wanna buy a scandalous IT firm?

UK indie resellers get new body

When two become one

Office booze-up battered in CPW cutbacks

'Beer Bust' busted to avoid going bust

NASA delays Kepler launch for rocket checks

Habitable-planet finder mustn't fall in the sea

Three months on, you still can't get off the DNA database

Carry on sampling...

Gamer suspended from Xbox Live after saying she's gay

No sex please - we're Xbox gamers

Sony DSLR-A900 Alpha 900 digital SLR

ReviewLooks great on paper

Asus confirms Eee Box 206

Miniature PC with HD support and eco credentials

Pirate Bay prosecutor argues for one year prison terms

BitTorrent coat-holders should do bird

Conficker call-backs threaten to swamp legit domains

Southwest Airlines faces Friday the 13th horror

Last call for UK liberties

Convention rallies support against government madness

Psion countersues Intel in not-netbook spat

Sold $60,000 worth of Netbooks last year, apparently

Retailer reveals Touch Diamond 2 launch

Pro 2 date still a secret

Is Intel outsourcing chip fabs?

Chips to Taiwan says rumour mill

Vendor punts laptop-as-server behemoth

Intel quad-core Core i7 on board

AVG finally bothers with behaviour-based defences

And what time do you call this?

NASA shops for new Moon spacesuits and landers

'Not your father's moonship', insists space agency

Protostar steers out Lampo 'leccy sportster

'Leccy TechItalian for 'lightning', apparently

'Ich bin ein storyteller', says UK taxman

German kids' tales punted on payroll CD

Samsung launches assault on 'hybrid' camera market

A bridge to fear?

Microsoft expands hosted services waistline

Flabby online march

Ofcom wants mobile TV spectrum pulled

TV without frontiers - or radio frequencies

Small is beautiful for Xyratex arrays

Which OEMs will take the SFFs?

Original Xbox kicks bucket

Microsoft ends technical service

Gartner: PC sales, except netbooks, to slump in 2009

'Sharpest unit decline in history'

Nokia nixes flagship phone in US

Seven hours on the shelves for 3G-unfriendly mobe

Koobface variant worms across social networking sites

Facebook reject 'martial law' app vetting idea

Convicted Romanian hacker is hot commodity in Italy

Companies, authorities fawn over informatics whiz

iPhone surfs to mobile web domination

New love for open-source projects

Yang spent $79m snuffing Microhoo!

A drop in the $47.5bn bucket

Prime Minister's health records breached in database attack

Scottish rich and powerful victimized

Intel taps TSMC for low-power chip fabbing

Atom gets a sister

EMC faces DoJ probe

Someone blew a whistle

Obama removes YouTube from YouTube-side chats

Swallows Google spy cookie

Bill Gates bans progeny from iPhone Nation

Microsoft matriarch suffers Apple envy

AMD: 'At heart, we're a design company'

Look, Ma! No foundry!

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