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27th > February > 2009 Archive

Novell spills sales after pipe breakage

'Just fell apart. Could happen again'

HP iron still haunted by ghost of Compaq

CommentSolaris does ProLiant. Not HP-UX

IE8 for Windows 7 beta in 'reliability update'

Sessions a crashin'

Softbank gives Japan free iPhones

Far East immune to Jobsian hypnosis

Microsoft temps get shorter hours

Cost cuts hit contractors

IT admin stole students' nude Facebook pics, cops say

'Upskirt' camerawork alleged

Microsoft talks open-source love amid TomTom Linux 'war'

Linux lovers brace for action

Google bars Android app makers from their own apps

Copy protection unprotected

Arms biz glovepuppets Parliamentary kit probe

CommentProfiteers' voices the only ones heard

World+dog has online app store

But what's in it for me?

Toshiba Portégé R600

ReviewNetbook-beating portability

Europe ditches Skype probe

Calling for clarity

BlackBerry advert sticks it to Apple

Fruit versus fruit

Google gets a touch of the ODFOs

Direct Factory Outlets? Oh do f...

BT reprograms biz customers as hotspots

Bandwidth so good they're charging for it twice

Samsung notebook-not-netbook gets VIA Nano CPU

NC20 eschews Atom, C7-M

North East to get £30m e-vehicle re-charge network

'Leccy TechInfrastructure to encourage local EV manufacturing?

Hollywood to totally recall Total Recall

'Contemporary' rehash of 1990 sci-fi romp

Second rogue Facebook app bewilders users

Poisoned mushrooms and spam

HP takes backup service Upline offline

A swift shambolic cloud dive

Lockheed offers ready-to-go supersoldier exoskeleton

Jetfuel powerpack, armour... shoulder turret?

Kelway buys HP partner

Virtual cure-all for gigabit

How the next-gen home LAN standard war was won

Ryanair may charge cattle to use the bog

'Raising discretionary revenue' or taking the piss?

IBM bricking Seagate SATA disks

UpdateBladeCenter and xSeries servers affected

El Reg suffers identity crisis

Reader PollRespected, unethical aggro loner lesbians?

Chinese internet surveillance boss arrested for bungs

Anti-virus intrigue

DARPA orders 'Katana' monoblade nano-copter

Whirly spybird runs on lighter fuel, flown by PSP

Phorm unleashes legal attack on critics

Beware the wounded beast

Judge issues radioactive 'pr0n downloader' alert

'This is not a joke'

Microsoft: Vista desktop key to life fulfillment

Icons, wallpaper reveal your inner being. Apparently

Shake-up shenanigans at Sony

Stringer cements his rule

AMD aims CPUs at 10in SCCs

CEO's 'death of netbook' claim exaggerated

Obama wants to wring fat dollar from mobile operators

Drove my Chevy to the ($4.8bn) levy

Novell's OpenSuSE commitment is tested

What now after Microsoft?

World of Warcraft: 'The crack cocaine of the computer world'

Swedes finger WoW as dangerous addiction

Camelot dismisses lottery website hack claims

Unu strikes again

Sun powers Niagara hypervisor update with IBM speed boast

Truth-stretching savings claim

Intel invests in Ireland

Total sum small potatoes

Anatomy of a chipmaker meltdown

AMD's Spansion sued after juicing exec pay amid mass layoffs

IDC chops 2009 IT spending forecasts (again)

Hardware goes negative

Microsoft cloud to get 'full' SQL Server soon?

Azure details materializing

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