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24th > February > 2009 Archive

Digging into Apple's hot-key mechanism

Mac SecretsGo global

Jobs to skip Apple shareholders meeting

Steve Watch continues

Crypto hash boffins trip on buffer overflow

Corvair of computer languages strikes again

Microsoft courts customers for search help

Don't say the "G" word

The Meta Cloud - Flying data centers enter fourth dimension

Or do they?

Flash mem giant Spansion slashes 35 per cent of staff

AMD baby jettisons 3,000 jobs

VirtenSys PCIe cloud switch arrives

Are PCIe SANs in prospect?

NASA's CO2-scan sat set to launch

Orbiting Carbon Observatory to hug planet

CRM, The Credit Crunch, and you

Steering SMEs through the downturn

HIS HD 4870 IceQ 4+ Turbo graphics card

ReviewA fancy cooler alone does not a great graphics card make

North Korea announces missile test sat launch

Champagne on ice at US raygun-jumbo HQ

Samsung shows off 12Mp, HD-recording camera duo

First with 3in VGA OLED screens

VMware makes world takeover bid

VMWorldAll your clouds are belong to us

Anti-mafia cops want Skype tapping

Euro search for tech solution

Microsoft U-turns on overpaid redundo packages

Bad hair day for HR team

Virgin Media boosts bottom tier broadband

'M' subscribers go to up to 10Mbit/s

Google's email service goes down

UpdatedGmail tumbles out of cloud - again

MS spills blood red Resident Evil Xbox beans

Gore blimey

Blu-ray Disc sales to hit 100m by Xmas

Analyst forecasts global splurge

Pininfarina woes hinder EV rollout?

'Leccy TechB0 release delayed again, claims mole

Nokia, Nintendo and Sony struck in wireless patent spat

IP holder alleges PSP, DS, N85 infringement

Nokia cash for Symbian

As Android openness spat continues

Rogue Facebook app creates malign buzz

Sting in the tail

Vodafone confirms layoffs

500 staff to go

NASA CO2 scan satellite launch fails

Plan to settle carbon debate derailed

Microsoft on the shrink's couch: time to get touchy feely

Radio RegTell me about your feelings for Apple

Lexmark E260DN networked mono laser printer

ReviewNot as fast as claimed

HP refuses to make suicidal leaps on pricing

What are you, a salesman or a lemming?

Spaceborne-forces planners meet with orbital joyride firms

Virgin SpaceShip2 podule jetwing paratroops on cards?

Pay cut consultations could trigger redundancy payments

Small print, big costs

Lads from Lagos crack cabinet minister's webmail account

Person in peril scam follows mystery Hotmail hack

'Like pedos in a playground' - the media and Web 2.0

CyburbiaJames Harkin on cybernetic silliness

Olympus brings tiny DSLR into focus

More portable design?

VMware's ESX Server 4.0 lost in the clouds?

Client hypervisor pokes its head through the fog

Visto makes Good

Buying customers for undisclosed sum

MIT boffins fashion working plasma rocket from Coke can

Vid'Even simpler [yogurt-pot?] ones could be built'

Bean pouch rivals Nike+ trainers

Running, on the cheap

Unofficial patch plugs 0-day Adobe security vuln.

UpdatedMind the gap

Skateboard, gesture-based gaming add-ons inbound, claim moles

Tony Hawk board and controller-less Xbox 360 titles

'No Office 14 this year,' says Ballmer

Productivity software is so next decade

Girl develops 'PlayStation palmar hidradenitis'

And just after surviving a nasty bout of Wii Tennis elbow, too

Nokia calls for Voluntary Resignations

As opposed to being pushed

World's 'smallest, lightest' laptop launches

A 4.8in display, anyone?

Apple squeezes JavaScript juice from Safari 4 beta release


Auction tools firm roots out malware infection

Trojan goes under the hammer at

Obama balks at recovery of lost Dubya emails

Another executive privilege

Google's DoubleClick spreads malicious ads (again)

Lingering threat still not contained

Yahoo! mines search logs for banner ad targeting

Ballmer at arm's length

Adobe Flash vulnerable to remote-execution exploit

UpdatedAttack of the killer Shockwaves

Microsoft boffins devise 'secure' Gazelle browser

Better than IE and Chrome

Gartner: Global IT spending will rise in 2009 (slightly)

Uneven meltdown

Asian IT in good news shock

Optimism rears its unfamiliar head

Super Micro squeezes four servers into one chassis

You are my density

Ballmer bets on R&D amidst Meltdown

Talks Windows server lite and Yahoo! wooing

Google backs EU's Microsoft antitrust battle

Mountain View parrots Mozilla

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