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19th > February > 2009 Archive

Intel and Nvidia take licensing kerfuffle to court

Huang claims PC's soul

US gooses economy with IT billions

Grab a bucket and get in line

Blogger fights Psion's claim to 'netbook' name

'Considerable chutzpah'

Hacker pokes new hole in secure sockets layer

Moxie Marlinspike's man-in-the-middle

Western Digital flashes home backup and media server

Don't call it a NAS box

Robots used to treat autistic kids


Romeo 419ers take Canadian women for $300k

Lonely hearts, empty wallets

Berry warns about plodding police IT

Integration not proceeding

Northamber: 'It would be wrong to be optimistic'

Revenues slide in first half

Cameraphone with physical shutter spied

MWCEliminates ghosting and blurring, it's claimed

Judge strips MS 'Vista Capable' lawsuit of class action status

Plaintiffs must sue individually

Reg Hardware trials gesture-controlled videogame

MWCLook ma, no only hands!

Cybercrime losses tax UK small business

Exposed SMEs call for reporting security blanket

US teen cuffed for disorderly classroom texting

SMS-happy whippersnapper heads for court

ESA gives £6m to Brit spaceplane project

Just another $9,993m needed to get it flying

Swiss boffins build bonkers iPhone-operated electric sportster

'Leccy TechGoes like stink, transforms into a one-seater

Fring looks to ID to boost ego coffers

Hopes operators will foot the bill

College IT departments told to deploy anti-terror dragnet

Union criticises web snitch plan

Irish cops tripped up by Prawo Jazdy dragnet

Mr Driving Licence clocks up 50 motoring offences

Pirate Bay supporters ram Swedish IFPI website

'We're winning, stop hacking plz'

Samsung Emporio Armani Night Effect designer phone

ReviewSophisticated - or silly?

ICO strengthens criticism of Government data sharing

Changes mind, speaks up a bit

UK gov to fund Virgin mothership micro-sat launcher

Pocket rocket to launch from WhiteKnightTwo jet

Scotland Today in news nipslip outrage

NSFWSubstantial RBS bonus for teatime viewers

Laptop facial recognition defeated by Photoshop

Taking a long hard stare at biometric security

HP imposes staff wage cuts

Mark Hurd lowers the floor to save workers

Airline pilots told to switch off mobile phones

No Mandy, I can't talk right now

Pro-Heathrow demo challenges Carbon Cult killjoys

Cheap flights for all

Ricoh reveals speed snapper

CX1 unveiled

Raygun jumbo: 'Long duration' ground blasts begin

'We had to turn it off, the power meter was melting'

Fasthosts to offshore support staff

Romanian call centre to offer 'improved experience'

Grifters punt 'get rich quick' scams at Facebook users

Social networking marks made an offer you can refuse

Asus exec re-iterates plan to poleaxe 8.9in Eee PCs

10in for punters, 7in for telcos

Unisys threatens Itanium with death

Intel chip no Monster

US feds pull travel site offline after hacker break-in

GovTrip trips up

HP to spruce EVA storage arrays

More capacity, new controllers, SSD goodness

Hulu's Hollywood overlords force Boxee block

I cannot watch them on a box. I cannot watch them without Fox

Windows 7 fast track alarms technical testers

Microsoft: write us an email

Verizon preps LTE rollout for 2010

WiMAX suffers one-two punch

Judge approves AP's online news copying suit

'Hot news doctrine' survives internet

Norway mobilizes against IE 6

You can't a-fjord not to

Yelp deflects 'Extortion 2.0' claim

Astroturfers build ethical minefield

Intel to chase clouds with custom mobo

More Nehalem goodies

Land of cheese adopts internet download tax

Wisconsin covets New York porn revenue

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