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17th > February > 2009 Archive

Ballmer demos LG wristphone

MWC'Ballmer to base. Come in, LG!'

Feuding iPhone fart-makers raise legal stink

This whole court is out of odor!

MySQL daddy juices Finnish security firm

Wot? A SQL injection of cash?

Satellite-hacking boffin sees the unseeable

Lady Di gossip plucked from sky

Kensington Universal Notebook Dock

ReviewPorts, replicated

Scots and pilots brace against ID cards

'We will resist'

Inventors given £1.5m by High Court

Patents win prizes

Sony Ericsson 12Mp cameraphone comes into focus

MWCOnly 12 million pixels? Sigh...

Who's going to turn base Ethernet into gold?

Tackling drops and delays

Spy boss damns government's culture of fear

Cheers Stella!

Taking note of notebooks

Get a handle on remote assets

Info chief slaps Met on CCTV in pubs

Coppers try to hardwire surveillance in Islington

Hydrogen motoring too heavy for pundit

'Leccy TechPlug-in tech is the way to go, apparently

Boffin: Earthlike worlds within 30 lightyears of here

Welcome for alien microbe overlords in some quarters

Nokia to preinstall Skype on handsets

UpdatedOperators not sufficiently pissed off yet

UK childcare voucher site offline after security snafu

Busy Bees stung by breach

HTC waves wand, pulls second Android phone out of hat

MWCIt's a kind of Magic

Operators and handset vendors plug standard charger

MWCMicro USB chargers should save some green

Fancy writing a 'Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxies'?

Galaxy Zoo 2 needs armchair astronomers

Acer strikes up new Tempo

MWCBut are its smartphones out of tune with the moment?

BCS accuses of grabbing 'draconian' data powers

BCS, BMA line up to slam data giveaway law

Tosh will buy Fujitsu disk biz

MOU means it's a pretty near guaranteed deal

Connecticut cop forced to shoot chimp

Violently attacked woman, paramedics and officers

Sub-prang panic: Calm down, it happens all the time

AnalysisLove the oceans? Pick on fishermen, not submariners

Pirate Bay prosecutor tosses infringement charges overboard

UpdatedWatered down to ‘assisting making available’

Boffins ponder Geordies' lack of winter clothing

Semi-nudity cultural or genetic?

BT Granite slimline DECT cordless phone

ReviewMaking a cordless more like a mobile

Gigabyte touts 'world's first' phone with Flash UI

One small problem: the claim's boll*cks

Routing instability causes net traffic chaos

Interweb routing chart snarl-up

TV jacket spied at MWC

MWCFrance 24 promos app with hi-tech clothing

Hardware hack caught watching telly on the job

MWCAll in the the name of a good story, honest

Sun wades into key management kerfuffle

Encryption standards soup thickens

Truphone becomes Tru-network

Take one MNVO into the shower?

Kiwis go all black over copyright enforcement laws

Smash global capitalism - use Twitter

Paris Hilton celebrates 28

Years, not amateur grumble flicks

Hyundai motors in with handset trio

MWCIncluding Dolphin-shaped phone

Navy glovepuppets minister in carrier battle against RAF

'Flat-tops will only be safe when they decommission'

More Modu jackets seen at MWC

MWCFive more coats to choose from

Mobile World Congress 09: Complete Coverage

MWCAll the stories, all the phones

Mobes will save the world - just give us some spectrum!

MWCCaptain Brightside to the rescue

Nokia prepares to fiddle with Symbian

MWCTo boldly go where no smartphone, etc etc

Microsoft signs Telstra mobile services deal

Can you hear me now, mate?

Appro calls Cray ante with super blade cluster

Linux and Windows for HPC shops

Microsoft freezes legacy support charges

Makes like it's 2008

IP security shortcomings unpicked

UK infrastructure watchdog issues RFC

Fake server beats real server on Web test

Careful with that server consolidation pitch

Surreal appeal of Sun's JavaFX for mobile

ReviewJava ME a safer bet?

Googlephone gets native MS Office viewers

Edits still impossible

Mobile phones to get universal charger

iPhone excepted

Facebook downplays eternal user data grab

You can trust us...bitch

New attacks on IE7 go wild

Info-stealing software remotely installed

US gambling capital bans iPhone card counter

Tribal casino spots 'stealth' cheat app

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