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10th > February > 2009 Archive

Kaspersky: no personal information lifted during web hack

Vows independent audit by security expert

Delayed Debian plans Valentine's weekend arrival

Android phones, prepare to get hacked

Ex-eBay CEO to bid for Schwarzenegger's California job

What, no 'buy it now' option?

Deconstructing and rebuilding IBM's server sales

Up is not always up, and neither is down

Red Hat updates real-time Linux

Fedora 11 goes alpha, too

XSS bug crawls all over PayPal page

'Fugitif' strikes again

Google beds Microsoft for mobile sync service

Who's the big dog now?

Intel releases eight-headed* beast

ISSCC* - misbehaving heads may be severed

Big Blue boasts cloud drag-and-drop

Private fluff meets public fluff

Europe gets first petaflops super

Gauss Genes, anyone?

New-age cyber-attack inflicts major damage with modest means and the new DDoS

Nokia N85 smartphone

ReviewPuts in a big-hitting performance

No Intel mobile price cuts coming until June, say moles

Recession delays new-tech introductions too

MPs confirm new information commissioner

Ask him anything

Tories search Google for economic policy

Gentleman bankers and Schmidt solve credit crisis

AMD 'confirms' unannounced mobile, desktop GPUs

Driver support now in place

3G BlackBerry Curve said to be in the works

'Gemini' has revamped keypad too

Amazon: Kindle 2 to sell internationally

We just don't know when

US Navy SEALs buy twin-screen laptops, refuse Vista

Blu-Ray drive essential military kit, seemingly

Scotland to battle grey squirrel invaders

£1.3m investment to save the native red

Intel advances 32nm mobile CPU+GPU rollout to Q1 2010

45nm version dropped from roadmap

DSA looks at 3D animated driving tests

Theory tests to get souped-up

Sony Ericsson unwraps entertainment duo

One for photography fans, the other for music buffs

Canadian boffins develop mindreader headband

'We can prove we think it works'

IBM's winter storage blast

Blizzard of announcements

Which wireless technologies will get credit crunched?

Goodnight, lemmings

UK cybercrime unit to meet IT leaders

Cleaning up the mean online streets

Wacky Jacqui Smith says whole country crusading against CCTV

Impales self on own negative, and boosts Tories

Morse sells loss-making consultancy

Navigant steps in

Rogue admin faces court delay

SF scallywag cooling boots til Friday

Dell streamlines channel biz exec team

Reasserts commitment to partners

Joker must retire, insist Heath Ledger fans

'Any other performance will be below expectations'

New ISS piss-extractor drinks unit to go up on Discovery

A watershed for space exploration

Large Hadron Timewaster

No collisions till October at earliest

Archos announces Android web tablet

HD playback supported

Retailer posts unannounced Nokia phone's spec

E75 detailed

Anonymous digs ahead of more assaults on Scientology

'Time to finish what was started'

Brum laid bare on OpenStreetMap

First UK city with full-fat coverage

Police bail sysadmin in animal rights extremism probe

Colo contract prompts Serious Crime Act arrest

O2 saunters into laptop market

Just little ones though

Mexican phone firms to fingerprint new customers

If they have any fingers left, that is

Freeway-averse Peapod runabout to go on sale in April

'Leccy TechYour chance to buy the self-propelled iPod dock

Norfolk town's schools first to be heated by burning cattle

Should schools have to offer vegetarian heating?

Ticketmaster and Live Nation forge unholy alliance

Because concert-going still isn't quite pricey enough for us

Phorm: BT system 'most definitely' online by end of 2009

BT: Umm... err... yeah?

You did what? The trials of supporting remote users

Reg Reader WorkshopIt's a dirty job, but...

Intel to spend $7bn to upgrade US factories

Setting an investment example for Washington

UFO ruled out of wind farm prang

Mechanical failure did for Lincolnshire turbine

Flash mem maker Spansion Japan files for bankruptcy

Sale in the works?

BitDefender distances self from gaping breach

CommentCan you trust the gatekeeper?

Symantec takes on Mozy with cloud backup

Cumulo Symanticus

Microsoft promises to slash cost of 'high-end' search

FAST and SharePoint enterprise roadmap outlined

Intel confirms Nehalem Xeons imminent

Two-socket to me

Intel 'accelerates' 32nm chip launch

Keeping up with the meres and the dales

Hackintosh maker lands Apple punch

Judge approves Psystar for more fight

Unisys tastes recession red ink

Who wants a server maker?

Fraudsters cream opposition in cybercrime wars

Unsafe Internet Day

Windows Vista man channels Neil Diamond with debut album

Allchin salves your his soul

China preps internet porn snitching awards

Ceiling cat wants the washer/dryer set

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