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5th > February > 2009 Archive

Novell cutting more heads?

Pick a number

Cisco waves excuse boilerplate as profits fall

Announces layoffs that aren't layoffs

Apple iPhoto gets in your face

ReviewYou look great. It's getting old

Amazon probed by US Mail

Postal Service seeks cash

Pinch Trojan lives on after authors' convictions

UpdatedS'kiddies squeeze suckers

Logic3 Valve80 thermionic iPod dock and speaker set

ReviewDoes pre-transistor technology make a difference?

Recession prompts job cuts at PC World call centres

Capita wields the knife

Apple delays 17in MacBook Pro

New ship date for new machine

GM talks up EV battery longevity tech

'Leccy TechHow it'll make Li-ion go further (and not explode)

Old guard storms boardroom at ailing Lenovo

PC vendor sees shipments slide faster than industry

Motorola kickstarts internal 4G tests

Hardware to follow later this year

Texas creates videogame remembrance day

In memory of our fallen virtual heros money

Fake parking tickets lead unwary to malware

Fluttery paper route to online scam

One-tonne 40ft snake prowled superhot prehistoric jungles

Global warming? Here be monsters

Swindon embraces 4th generation

Town says hello Moto

MySQL daddy 'Monty' quits Sun

Swallows bitter apple, opens restaurant at end of universe

Stylish LG iPhone handset spied online

Not just one picture, but three!

Yes! It's the cardboard PC!

2 x 4 option coming soon...

Sat scope discovers Earthlike 'sauna world'

Steamy nude alien babes thought relatively unlikely

You're barcoded: The sneaky under-25 route to compulsory ID

CommentThat's how they getcha

South Pole stilt-base builder to give lecture in Sadville

Sublime to ridiculous, much?

Windows 7 'upgrade' doesn't mark XP spot

First, wipe your hard drive...

Congress gives analogue TV signal 4-month reprieve

Many Americans slow to switch to digital

'Spam-friendly' domain registrars named and shamed

Pick your mates

Man accused of trying to kill girlfriend with WiiMote

Accessory to the alleged crime

Miliband refuses to release torture documents

Weasel words from weasel

Jacqui Smith cracks down on gangs via computers, closets

You really could be nicked for wearing a loud shirt in a built-up area

Rogue sysadmin sues SF for $3m

Damages me? Damages you!

Big labels or Google - who is the songwriters' worst enemy?

InterviewDigital rights raise artists' hackles

Star Trek Communicator gains VoIP

Set phasers to fun!

California to get 'space age' three-wheel EV

'Leccy TechFrom Logan's Run to shopping run

Satyam finds a boss and money

Insider gets tug for tough job

App brings calls, texts to iPod Touch

A cheap route to an iPhone?

Third-gen iPhone to run on Nvidia chippery?

Analyst names Apple as key Tegra design win

SCO boss to customers: 'Blah. Blah. Blah'

Beautifully measured missive shows way forward

US Navy spends $12m on electric hypercannon

Railgun dreadnoughts to rule the waves?

Chipzilla sits on its Tukwila

Itanium delayed six months

IBM launches very serious enviro-commitment programme

Big Blue turns pale green

Gates looses mosquitoes on tech conference bloodsuckers

Malaria message in a jar

Norwegians swallow iTunes threat

Snowed by DRM turnabout

World's power grids infested with (more) SCADA bugs

Swarm overtakes e-terrahabitat

Microsoft mojo deflated by Seinfeld Vista ads

Not a dream spot

Phishing scam aims to hoodwink hotel habitants

Counterfeit site ruse proves hard to pin down

Intel shuts Shanghai plant

Chinese job shift

Opera revs JavaScript engine of the future

It goes to eleven

Apple's Snow Leopard may know where you are

Smells like an iPhone

Windows 7 UAC vuln not a vuln, MS repeats

Fixes it anyway

Teen accused of 'sinister' Facebook sex extortion plot

31 victims fooled by bogus profile

Amazon pulls beta tag from PayPal foe

New tools for fancy transactions

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