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2nd > February > 2009 Archive

Passport RFIDs cloned wholesale by $250 eBay auction spree

Video demo shows you how

LG Prada II fashionista phone

ReviewSomething more practical this season

Judges: Don't know the law? It's understandable

Legal shapeshifting is rampant - would a database help?

Microsoft says it again - no second beta for Windows 7

Schtum on when OS will ship

Germany announces ITER fusion-reactor supercomputer

Teraflops in = terawatts out, hope boffins

Japan takes smile detection to new heights

Software for analysing the quality of your grin

Sony stands by 10m PS3 full-year sales forecast

‘We shall not, we shall not be moved’

Gov portal hits Teletext and Freeview

Talking to the populace via the tellybox

Exploiting laptop connectivity

Striking the communications balance

Wrong kind of winter brings England to a halt

Panic buying in Guildford, enormous c**t stalks Notts

Netbooks: A bit popular

Now a fifth of total notebook sales

Nanotech researchers create the world's smallest writing

Subatomic nanoholograms smash 1-bit-per-atom barrier

Pentax unveils hundred-quid 10Mp compact

Cheap, cheap, cheap

Black hats poison Google video search

Game for a hack

HMRC bigs up success of online tax returns

What do you mean, you had trouble?

Arizona Super Bowl fans cop eyeful of todger

Sensational nine-inch gain by female wide receiver

AMD Phenom II Socket AM2+ CPU

ReviewCore i7 killer?

NetApp kills off StoreVault

People getting angry

Fresh privacy fears over IE 8 Suggested Sites

Promiscuous URL sharing not a great idea, warns top Cambridge researcher

DARPA seeks Transformer helicopters

'On the fly inflight morphing' superchopper wanted

Tories choose sub-prime beard for maths post

Countdown conundrum

Brand sponsors - 'The most worrying trend in music'

Smells like Doritos™

Unannounced Motorola spied online

The rumoured ZN300?

Xbox 360 NXE fix inbound?

Potential end to HDMI audio problems in sight

Rich-interface patterns get Quince treatment

.NET, Java and PHP served

BBC pumps 60 quid a head into Gaelic

Dead language not responding to flogging

Lloyds sorry for phone problems

Phone banking snowed under

Sony taps veins for better biometrics

Blood vessel layouts scanned

Woolies to be resurrected as online-only store

Pick 'n' mix merchant rides again

Blind phone phreaker coughs to harassment charges

Swatting menace faces long stretch

Ares I manned rocket section explodes in testing

'It was meant to,' insists NASA

Woman jailed for texting while driving

Predictive text fails driver

Mac flirts with 10 per cent web share

Windows on the wane

Ex-IntelCrayAkamai startup rejiggers virtualization

Servers splash in memory pool

Three hospital worm infection dubbed 'substantive failure'

Entirely avoidable

Gears of War grind to halt

Expired digital cert kills PC play

Novell cuts 1000 100 workers

Rumor corrected

Windows Vista stuck on single digit enterprise adoption

'New Coke' continues to fizzle

Microsoft fortifies IE8 against new XSS exploits

Catching attacks without breaking the web

Intel to spill Nehalem secrets

Wither AMD? IBM? Sun?

Adobe claims Apple 'collaboration' on iPhone Flash

We're working on it (again)

Transmeta IP sold to not-patent troll

Myhrvold expands collection

Sun taps ex-Merrill, ex-Fannie Mae exec for board

Meltdown trickle down

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