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30th > January > 2009 Archive

Citrix ejects 10 per cent of staff

Looks to the clouds

Novell GroupWise bug threatens mass email theft

A mole's dream

Memo to Microsoft: Enough with the SKUed Windows

Windows 7 netbook plus for all

Yahoo! lobs! Briefcase! into! rubbish! bin!

Google generation abandons YDrive

Intel's Moblin 2 scurries into the wild

'Fastbooting' netbook Linux

3G forever, cries Carter

Digital BritainSpectrum licences don't wear out like they used to

Asus N50 15in laptop

ReviewHave integrated ionizer, will purify air

Aperi dies on its arse

Time-wasting diversion keels over

PwC auditors fingered for Satyam fraud

Beancounters been fiddling

Outsourcing suddenly less popular

Potential savings don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy downturn

Lucky Mancs could get ID cards first, Jacqui declares

Praises the fall of gangs, hails New Order

Council fields world's first rubbish-fuelled rubbish truck

'Leccy TechElectric revolution in... er... Huddersfield

Patent app reveals Microsoft's smart smartphone cradle

Halfway house between phone and PC

First 'fully accurate' totally voice-controlled phone unveiled

'Look, ma, no hands'

Bosses swear data protection oath

No, really this time, honest

Street View vehicle kills Bambi

Cervine slaughter outrage rocks cyberspace

Boffins: Blue light kills MRSA 'superbugs'

Just ask to ride on the ambulance roof

Techwatch weathers DDoS extortion attack

Botnet blackmail

Online data shows netbook demand rocketing

Ten per cent of online buyers have one

Dell smartphones coming next month?

Mole claims dual handset launch within weeks

Texas lawyer sues Citibank over fake cheque scam

'I'm a capital 'D' Dumbass', admits fleeced victim of Lads from Lagos

The Register Guide to securing your network

Showing our vulnerability side

KCOM chops 150 as integration business slides

Hullo, goodbye

1m French out of work thanks to dodgy data - UK next?

Get vetted and go... on the dole

American Stereotype™ walks Google's mean Street View

Gun? Check. Liquor? Check

Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1 12Mp µ4/3s camera

ReviewThe future of the bridge camera?

The HTML that says no - Joi Ito's pitch for a theft-free web

DLD09But it's Creative Commons, not DRM

Firefox 3.1 release date hampered by cheeky monkey

Show-stopping bugs could see browser slip into Q2

Apache gunbird used as robo kill-chopper fleet command ship

Gov-conspiracy pilots' reps vow to fight layoffs

Birmingham drops the possessive apostrophe

'Pedants’ revolt' brewing, Times suggests

Acer test drives latest Ferrari notebook


Gordo's mobe interrupts economic summit

I'll name that ringtone in one, Prime Minister

Nintendo inks 'Spring-Summer' DSi launch for Europe

Eairlier than expected

Swiss cops sniff out dope plantation on Google Earth

'An interesting chance discovery'

DEC 'hacker' questions McKinnon political bandwagon

Boris didn't big me up - what gives?

Orange adds PAYG BlackBerry

The choice for cheapskates?

Nigerian car thief turns into sheep

Swiftly cuffed in vigilante ovine suppression op

Encryption standards are here - but not for flash or tape

Code this. Or don't

Experian sends 'cheap' Lord a-leaping

Don't let the door hit your bulging back pocket

Fring snuggles with

But how long before the music stops?

Dell quietly jacks up EMEA prices

Currency just ain't wot it used to be

First piss-drinking astronauts to go on live TV

Golden new dawn for spacefaring

HP gives SMBs zero per cent financing

IT follows auto makers down that road

US school in toothless Obama worm infection

Round up the dweebiest suspects

ISPs relieved not to be Carter's Cops

Digital BritainThere will be no disconnection today, gentlemen



Toshiba plays sugar daddy to SanDisk

Fab financial footwork for flash

White Space lobby leaps to Europe

What's good for the sceptics...

Humyo cloud disappears from afternoon sky

Hi ho! Hi ho! It's off to no work we go

T3 girds loins for IBM legal fight

Microsoft money steels clone mainframer

Microsemi CEO slapped for fabricating degrees

Chip maker will fine (but keep) its chief

Silverlight 3 and 4 to 'open up new areas' - Microsoft

Dig it, man

Windows 7 UAC shutoff 'bug' leaves Microsoft unmoved

Insecure by design?

Google Chocolate Factory leaks (more) GDrive talk

Oompa Loompa 'monitors' your clicks

NEC to axe 20,000

The meltdown is turning Japanese

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