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27th > January > 2009 Archive

14-year-old charged with impersonating Chicago PD

Cop and 1/2 come true

Obama reverses Dubya's tailpipe emissions

Preemption preempted

TI profits sink 95 per cent in 2008

3,400 join out-of-workforce

Kiwi finds US military secrets on 'MP3 player'

Will return, if asked

Microsoft's IE 8 beta adds 'special' list

Tells you what works

User-generated reviews - blessing or bull?

AnalysisCrowd wisdom v mob stupidity

Deutsche Telekom births cloud broker

Middleman in the sky

Dell posts user guide for unseen tablet


Edifier Luna 5 iPod speaker

ReviewThe balloon beats the Zeppelin?

Red Dwarf finally returns to Earth

Cast reunited for Easter special

2TB drives arrive down under

Western Digital's Caviar Green model

Phoenix remains on song despite flat Q3 sales

Partner biz goes weak at knees

NHS told to prepare to ditch care records

Time to ditch scheme that's four years late

ING cuts jobs as exhausted boss quits

Murdoch plots layoffs 2.0 at interactive unit

UK donates Leo Sayer to Oz

Surplus sexagenarian crooner becomes Aussie citizen

PhonepayPlus gets stern on premium raters

Pricey providers need prior approval

Developer denies malicious Android app allegation

'Simple' tool can't wipe memory as claimed

VMware results virtually untouched by recession

Can see one quarter ahead

Humvee with frikkin laser on it takes out killer robot

'When did we start beaming again? I nodded off'

UK cops' road accident reporting going paperless

New context for mobile data and blackspots

Spammers target Twitter

Twammers will punish you for your inane burblings

Modular LG phone spied online

Images fuel plug-in accessory speculation

Geeks re-invent breakfast

Wii-style toaster fires slice onto wired plate

Niche storage suppliers hold the line in recession

CommentThe others... not so much

Microsoft's Equipt kill date remains MIA amid retail carnage

Disorderly retreat plan

Doner kebabs: Death wrapped in pitta bread

Shock findings of takeaway survey

DAB growth turns negative

Flat lining

Western Digital Caviar Green 2TB hard drive

ReviewVery, very quiet - and very, very capacious

PSP 2 rumours surface - again

'Trusted sources' talk of touchscreen PSP

iPhones will win the war in Afghanistan, says NATO chief

Childlike sense of wonder disarms Taliban

O2 and Be customers suffer network congestion

Heavy investment promised to ease evening jams

US mulls clicks for cameraphones

What about deaf chicks?

Glasgow Cops pound Facebook to blunt knife crime

Der's not bin a murrrdherrrr

Easy updates best for browser patching

Google and Swiss researchers prod insecure surfers

Apple awarded iPhone patent

All the elements brought together

Tories put toes on Linux bandwagon

Free software's cheaper, right?

Fraunhofer boffins tout new 'diamondballs' mech tech

Germans dip ball[bearing]s in liquid bling hardness

Microsoft IE8 rolls out the astroturf

How to lose friends and alienate people

GM to convert Volts to Amps in Europe

'Leccy TechGeneva Motor Show beans spilled early

EMC profits down - but it is a profit

Early cost-cutting helps save the day

BNT blade switches track live VM migration

Flight of the hypervisors

Apple threatens Palm chomp

Patents drawn at 20 paces

Seven Japanese poisoned by blowfish 'nads

Gourmet fugu experience ends in hospital

MyBarackObama profile hack punts malware

Inaugural Trojan

Verizon profits pumped 15 per cent

Data packages drown American sorrows

Microsoft boasts 'out of box' IE8 clickjack protection

AnalysisImperfect solution to perfect storm

Apple massages iPhone code

Tweaks Mail, Safari

Google 'GDrive' revisits tech-pundit G-spot

Googasms all around

IBM whittles x64 iron prices

Chips are down, and servers too

ISS astronauts lose 'alarming' amounts of hipbone strength

Help! I've fallen and I can't get geosynchronous!

Sun goes eco-friendly with data center compression

Finally, value from StorageTek

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