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23rd > January > 2009 Archive

Ballmer resets recession, preps for 100,000 troops

Microsoft's right-hand/left-hand moment

AMD losses top $3bn in 2008

Present "crummy," future "murky"

AMD claims Intel sowing 'uncertainty' over fab spin-off

Cross-licensing spat heats up (again)

Open source and Java feel first Sun cuts

Strap in

Microsoft cuts 5,000 jobs - but Ballmer's hiring

AnalysisRedmond treads water

UK's top IT volunteers named

Doing it for charidee

Rover 75 to be reborn as hybrid

'Leccy TechUK's last mass-produced car back, sort of

HTC S740 Qwerty keyboard smartphone

ReviewAn HTC for touchscreen-phobes

DABetamax shop boosters 'could break the law'

Consumer woes ahead for radio relays?

Sun to be eclipsed by Red Hat?

Market capitalisation trends suggest a spell in the shade

Stylish earphones promise superior sound


Rockstar prices up GTA download

Microsoft points at the ready

Payback time for Ofcom on incoming call charges

Mobile Termination Rates II: The Slashening

Home Office promises better personal data guards

ICO orders tightening of loose lips

Seagate's complacency blasted away - what now?

Navigating the tanker through treacherous waters

Obama insists on FOI

iPrez tells gov agencies to spill

Acer intros 10in Aspire One netbook

UpdatedDon't mention the 'L' word...

Unravelling PC form factors

WorkshopOne size does not fit all

IT manager sorts Italian Job cliffhanger

Wins 3 nights in Turin with his 3.2 tons of gold

BOFH: A safe bet

Episode 1Bet your ass they wish to proceed

Sony Ericsson cameraphone spied online

Pretty as a peach

US couple leg it with 'gift from God' bank error

Take the divine $175k and run

Belgium wants in on European web blocklist

When in Bruges, do as the [censored] do

World's smallest working fuel cell developed

Tiny cell creates tiny power

Countdown to Conficker activation begins

A superbotnet will rise

Killer robots to get silent-running whisper mode

Watch the skies. Don't listen

Police seize Indymedia server (again)

Linked to animal rights extremism case?

LG X110 netbook

ReviewSexiest rebadged MSI Wind yet

EMC paints go-faster stripes on Celerra

De-duplication, flash and SSD, oh my

Qimonda goes titsup

Chips are down for German firm

Boffin: Lost Stradivarius violin tech reverse-engineered

Now I shall clone Anne-Sophie Mutter. Mmm...

Eidos launches downloadable Laura Croft mini-games

Featuring six new outfits for Croft

Judges grant McKinnon extradition review

Gimme shelter

BT price rises go down well

Line rental jumps up

Saaspoint takes on role of Google Apps middleman

Me love you long time

Facebook-based privacy campaign to spam Wacky Jacqui

10 for effort, 0 for irony appreciation

Virgin puts 'legal P2P' plans on ice

ExclusiveHistoric deal consigned to history

Robot 'Spider-man' casts net to nab burglars

UpdatedCatches thieves just like flies...

Credit crunch bites into handset shipments

Tough times ahead?

Samsung Android to land within months?

Exec hints at pre-July launch

TJX closes book on infamous security breach with sale

Everything must go

R2-D2 robots with frikkin lasers on them in development

Finally, an answer to the raygun-packing shark

World's fastest production car to gain electric twin

'Leccy TechTen-minute charge to yield 200-mile range, developer claims

US to postpone analog TV death

June D-Day

Intel chairman Craig Barrett retires

Timing is everything

Paramount deal paves digital cinema roll-out

Lights, 3-D projector, action

BOFH-loving botmaster wants life as security consultant

Feds want him in prison

Most Americans without broadband don't want it

Get yer wires off ma yard, Obama!

Citrix resurrects King George as hypervisor

XenServer revolution

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