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19th > January > 2009 Archive

HTC Touch 3G Windows Mobile smartphone

ReviewA very well-connected handset

First-ever pics of lunar polar crater interiors released

PicIndian probe snaps hidden Moon-bottom rim shots

Phone features baffling users

Advanced features adding to the problem

Satyam investigators start to chase missing money

Gov investigation looks at subsidiaries

DSGi announces new chairman in eye of retail storm

John Allan joins at 'important time in its development'

OGC cracks one off on with new logo

LogoWatchFinally unleashes revised brand frontage

UFO wind turbine prang site: Exclusive photos

What really went down in Lincolnshire

Gome appoints new chairman as police continue investigation

Tries to draw line under probe into ex-boss

Prison warders told to can 'hurtful' language

Psycho lags now suffering 'mental health issues'

Nokia, HTC and RIM dragged into patent dispute

US firm seeks gadget import ban

Inventor designs raindrop MP3 projector

'Raindrops keep falling on my head...'

'Obama quits' spam recruits zombie drones

President-Elect heading for office, not Pacific island

DHS deploys undercar Kraken tentacle-bombs

'Inspired by Spiderman and giant squid'

TomTom launches Kylie and Connery satnavs

'Especially for you...'

Govt uses Obscenity Law to stuff up cartoon sex loophole

We Need To Talk About Lisa

Online campaign urges MPs to block secret expenses

Where has all the bad storage gone?

CommentIt's all too darn good these days

Addonics NASU2 micro USB NAS adaptor

ReviewTiny gadget that shares your USB HDD on the network

Nokia N97 to land late Q1

March, to be exact

Jaunty Jackalope alpha 3 spotted in wild

Ubuntu readies latest distro ahead of April release

TV's digital dividend could be superfast broadband

Carter mulls spectrum for speed bargain

Unlimited music: Punters prefer ISPs to Nokia

And how many freetards are there, really?

Europe PC sales sagged in 2008

Only floating on a raft of netbooks

Security boffins attempt to freeze out cold boot crypto attack

Cache from chaos

Isle of Man wants legal P2P blanket

Tax haven proposes tax

Yes! It's the wristband battery!

Watch-like device for charging gadgets

China plans global satnav system

Big sticks only work if you're in the navsat club

Chinese exam cheats employing spy-tech

Ancient tests, modern naughtiness

IBM helps partners punt software to midrange shops

Enlightened self-interest

Talking pets: Obama's guru wants animals to sue you

Making an Ass of the Law

Hyundai steers into UK mobile market

Mirror, signal, manoeuvre connect

Fisker posts Karma Sunset shots

'Leccy TechPrepare to drool...

Opera sings praises of Microsoft-browser statement

Commission getting "serious"

Microsoft releases Vista virtualization

Migration avoidance

IBM reaches out to SAP, RIM with Notes

Things get LinkedIn

The Vatican tempts the YouTube generation

Pope 2.0

AMD's dual-core Neo set for 2009 release

Netbooks need not apply

Three in 10 Windows PCs still vulnerable to Conficker exploit

Worm food

Virtualization minnow goes agnostic

Thinks broad and deep

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