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16th > January > 2009 Archive

Start-up promises video-on-phone editing chip

Is that a Spielberg in your pocket...

SAP pays Sun to keep Java on NetWeaver alive

Finally, a service Sun can monetize

Mac mini said to get Ion innards

Atom's Apple?

Child porn in the age of teenage 'sexting'

AnalysisTwo cases show right, wrong way to prosecute

Sun touts ESX, Hyper-V virtualization on Galaxy boxes

Whatever happened to xVM?

Nokia 6600 Slide 3G mobile phone

ReviewSmooth with a capital 'smooth'

Th!ink rebooted with cash injection

'Leccy TechMore weird, plastic EVs ahoy

Optical delusion: Plasmon's ignominious end

AST snaps up the pieces

Nokia phone gets hearts racing

Bundled heart rate monitor

AT&T Idolises promotional texting

Spamming you say? How very dare you

Online advertisers team up on privacy principles

Self-regulation to head off Phorm backlash

CPW's Dunstone admits 'dread' over state of the economy

'Prepare for the worst...It is going to be a war...'

Seagate customers swamped by Barracuda drive failures

UpdateSeagate firmware to blame

Philips creates cinema aspect-ratio HD TV

Roll out the red carpet

Retired army generals: Spend Trident money on the army

CommentWell, they would say that, wouldn't they

McKinnon's lawyers hope UK prosecution will derail extradition

Will change of administration mean change of venue?

Toshiba NB100 netbook

ReviewTosh takes netbooks seriously - too seriously...

BSA: Turn in workmates, make fat dollar a few quid

Offers rewards for software piracy snitchers

Google G1 successor spied in video?

Fans anticipate G2 launch 'to create anti-net piracy agency'

Updated'Rights Agency' and new regulations to hit P2P infringement

Aussie air zealot savages prêt-à-porter stealth fighter

CommentPulse-bomb prophet fears Russian tech dominance

Storage vendor Overland on the ropes

Deepening recession forces staff and pay cuts

Grand Theft Auto V arriving in 2009?

Game series Tokyo bound, it's claimed

Germany pushes IWF-style child abuse blocklist

What could possibly go wrong?

DARPA seeks spraycan wound-polyfilla* for injured troops

'My arm! Hey, this one-handed design sure is a boon'

Voice-controlled helicopter takes off

'We've got strong headwinds coming in from the North...'

Apple joins campaign for real breasts

UpdateCartoon drawings offensive - real flesh OK

Second Android handset delayed indefinitely

Agora shelved due to weedy screen

EU borders database defenestrated in Prague?

The deSchengening

HP targets compulsory redundancies at EDS UK

'You wouldn't jump, so get ready for the push'

So when did the knives come out at Seagate?

CommentTo lose one C-level exec may be regarded as a misfortune...

Circuit City goes titsup

Seeks court approval to liquidate assets

Fantasy author hired to pen Doom 4 plot

Kill monsters, find keys, open doors, and..?

Nokia ships phone without charger


Fisker shows Karma Sunset in Detroit

'Leccy TechElectric car firm's Waterloo?

Boy George jailed for 15 months over bizarre false imprisonment

Lewd laptop pic rage

Meltdown melts down Intel launch plans

More bad news from Chipzilla

Demon ends porn-less Internet Archive block

Be, Virgin - collateral damage

AMD to axe 1,100 (more) jobs

'Temporary' wage reductions

'Miracle' plane crash was no miracle

CommentShould we feed the geese?

New York emergency wireless scrapped

State cancels billion-dollar contract

US stimulus bill smiles on IT

Big Blue cries heard

iPhone App Store breezes past 500 million downloads

iFlatulence boost

Superworm seizes 9m PCs, 'stunned' researchers say

Downadup goes up and up

Ballmer's big regret at 10: Losing the interwebs

Wrong patience, lost talent

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