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15th > January > 2009 Archive

Kirk's Khan nemesis beams up at 88

Fare thee well, Ricardo Montalban

Ruby, COBOL jump on Amazon cloud

Or were they pushed?

US woman says Ubuntu can't access internet

Shuttleworth baby kills college dream

First case of sleep emailing documented

419 scammers pee pants with glee

Canon Digital Ixus 980 IS compact camera

ReviewImpressive performance

Another miserable quarter for Dixons

Sales down, and likely to keep falling

Carphone results cheer

Survives declining handset sales

Motorola swings axe again

Lays off another 4K as company bets on Android

MPs bitchslap MoD mega-IT architecture project

It's EDS, it's the gov - it must be a disaster

Phones don't cause eye cancer, finds study

eyePhone safe to use

HMRC advertises for new CIO

£180k? Job's a good 'un

Church of Scientology seeks 'ban' against HIV+ protesters

Takes aim at Pope and Smurf

Brocade DCX product on the way?

Mysterious DCX-4S tested in Germany

Blade server systems - back to the old school?

CommentWho is going to run the integrated blade system show?

Cops taser JCB thief in 'slowest police chase ever'

Surrey ne'er-do-well trundles to a cuffing

Archos dates, prices netbook

Coming later this month

Prisoner star Patrick McGoohan dies at 80

Farewell, number six

'Interfering' BT Vision attracts campaigner glares

Ham radio enthusiasts call up trading standards

Prototype Sony Ericsson phones pilfered

From handsets to handcuffs as cops arrest suspect

Brit forces get hoverstare ducted-fan droid

Petrol prowler patrols to check Afghan ambush alleys

Google slices and dices recruiters, engineers, products

Grey clouds spotted over Mountain View

No military mobile bill-waiver from O2 and Virgin

Serving overseas? Sorry

Honda shows off Insight hybrid

67mpg, anyone?

US nuke boffins: Multicore CPU gains stop at eight

More core ≠ Moore's Law

China's three-horse mobile bet: Repeating America's mistakes

ColumnIncompatibility, high costs... who's really losing out?

Big Blue to ship RDX removable drives

ProStor scores big - again prepares for filesharing fracas

Voluntary ISP warnings 'not successful'

HTC Touch Viva budget Windows Mobile smartphone

ReviewWrong features left out?

Nortel UK goes into administration to save itself

Business as usual at stricken comms vendor

Vodafone next-gen 3G trial hits 16Mb/s

HSPA+ downloads come a step closer

Prolific worm infects 3.5m Windows PCs

Conficker wriggles far and wide

HDTV 'pointless' without perfect peepers

20/20 more important than 1080, says eye doctor

419ers take Canadian for $150,000

Textbook scam

Desperate NFC Forum extends competition deadline

Free kit, cash prizes - come on! Anyone?

Palm's new OS finds the sweetest spot

AnalysisFourth Time lucky?

Mozilla delays third Firefox 3.1 beta

Pesky bugs stall progress

LibDem cheeky boy rides to Segway's rescue

Lembit Opik: Self-Balancing Bandit

Czech team demos paperback-sized digital photo album

CES on VideoCheck it out

Sacked worker faces jail over malware revenge attack

Fast food systems choke on system-crashing code

Asus confirms Eee phone

An Android-based talker?

Unfolding Asus' Eee PC tablet

CES on VideoNetbook morphs into UMPC

Indian government will not bail out Satyam

Fill in your own accounts hole

Royal Navy warships lose email in virus infection

Windows for Warships™ combat kit unaffected, says MoD

Robot set to replace science teachers

Do we actually have any science teachers in the UK?

MS punts gaming guide for parents

'Will I get shot if I stop Jimmy playing Halo?'

Microsoft sharpens axe as PC sales drop?

Cheer-free holiday quarter

HP gooses virtualization for servers

Adds orchestration and disaster recovery

Web entrepreneur accused of massive data heist

9,000 plus consumer reports lifted, suit says

Apple moves to unify its OS and interface

Cleaner look-and-feel, more powerful mobiles

Judge OKs webcast in RIAA music file-sharing case

Rules music-industry objection "curious"

New Yahoo! CEO's former company cuts and restructures

She's "exactly what Yahoo! needs"

Intel profits sink 90% in Q4

Offers vague outlook for Q1 2009

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