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12th > January > 2009 Archive

Mattel demos thought-controlled game

CES on VideoOn your marks, get set... concentrate...

Rambus legal crusade blunted by paper shredder

Destroyed papers it shouldn't

Indian government holds Satyam execs in jail ahead of trial

And new broom sweeps entire board out

Seagate to slash up to 10 per cent of staff

Heads on platters

GTA: ChinaTown Wars gets 18 rating

DS-based mayhem

Plastic Logic pitches skinny, light ebook reader

CES on VideoNot out for a while, though

Asus Eee keyboard specs tip up on the web

Landing within six months

pureSilicon unveils 1TB solid state drive

CESWorld's first

McKinnon lawyers push for UK trial

Joker played in attempt to avoid US extradition

Hands on with Samsung's touch-controlled P3 media player

CESFinger-flicking good

Star Wars brainwave toy blows in

Is the brainwave force strong in you?

World Bank confirms Wipro is on contractor blacklist

Wipro sharing Satyam doghouse till 2011

Is the IT gravy train heading for the buffers?

CommentWhat Dave could do next...

CPS denies support for überdatabase

Starmer pleads innocent

Astro touts high-end gaming cans

CES on VideoDolby Digital amp included

Web 2.0rhea hack mistaken for end of universe

Fail and YouMuch aTwitter about nothing

Dell serves up Wasabi inkless printer

Dell’s turning Japanese, I think Dell’s turning Japanese…

UFO wind turbine prang site sealed

Black helicopters circle Lincolnshire

Forget Google rationing: Only lighting farts can save the planet

AnalysisGreen-IT maven ignores the true enemy within

Peter Mandelson exerts party discipline in cyberspace

Lord says he's blogged before and 'enjoyed it'

Seagate replaces CEO

UpdatedWatkins out, chairman Luczo takes over

Vector buys security firm Aladdin

Private equity firm builds up information security portfolio

Dixons websites take a little lie down

Routine maintenance?

Greenwich celebrates International Year of Astronomy

Lots to do down at the Royal Observatory

GM's Lutz shows luxury 'leccy Cadillac

'Leccy TechVoltec based

Palm Pré WebOS: the UI in action

VideoThe PDA pioneer's revival starts here?

Sony pitches Webbie HD webcam at YouTubers

CESWatch out, Flip and Creative

Palm Pré WebOS: Synergy technology demo'd

VideoTrue smartphone app integration? funds web video product placement venture

Taxpayer coughs for logos everywhere

How you pay for tomorrow's scares, today

Disaster addiction - and the cost of your insurance

G1 app stops drivers from texting

Safety software for worried parents

Sony rallies chums round proprietary standard

Hands up who wants TransferJet! Anyone?

Chrysler turns on Circuit at Detroit Motor Show

'Leccy TechShows 200C tourer too

Red Hat tries on new head for Europe

Cisco man joins open sourcers

Welcome back, Palm

AnalysisThree cheers for the broken promise

Create high-resolution displays for OS X

Mac SecretsCut to the CoreUI

Citrix rides virtualization into 2009

Nonexistent machines cut costs

Wireless HDTV set for 2009

SiBEAM snags deep-pocket partners

Intel answers AMD Neo with 'ultrathin' laptop chip

Agent Smith, anyone?

Microsoft ad campaign urges more IT spending

It's our business!

Red Hat, Novell rejigger execs

That time of year

Microsoft gets touchy with $24m N-trig investment

Feel the future

New York judge OKs Amazon Tax

Genius recognized

AMD upgrades mobile GPU lineup for laptops

Or: Honey, I shrunk the Radeon HD 4000 series

New chip aims HD video at iPhone

Imagination Tech punts a scorcher

How the Google stole Christmas

A heart two sizes too small

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