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7th > January > 2009 Archive

Azure new future for Microsoft's Muglia

First among equals

Patent troll sues Oprah, Sony over online book viewing

'We own the touchy, feely internet'

Intel accused of stealing chip virtualization, violating God's law

Prison inmate sues Chipzilla for $5bn

Firm touts bendy, wearable OLED screen

Like having a TV on your wrist

Barclays cuts more IT jobs

Contractors and permies to go

NASA warns of 'space Katrina' radiation storm

Ill solar winds blow nobody any good

EDS pays for tax failure

Final divorce settlement

Asus Eee keyboard opens CES

CESKeyboard, display, PC, kitchen sink

Norway's national broadcaster breaks Beatles download deadlock

UpdatedTill Beatles say Let it Be

SanDisk tunes into SlotRadio

CESLike an iPod, only with pre-loaded music memory cards

New Year rings in better VoIP for all

More VoIP options come to Windows Mobile and iPhone

Speeding Oz teen may face 'gorillas in the mist'

You won't enjoy the prison showers, magistrate warns

Researchers poke holes in Intel's anti-tampering tech

Unlocked and loaded

2008 sees good year for gaming

Sales rocket by 23 per cent

Lexmark C543DN colour laser

ReviewFast replacement for your inkjet printer?

Lenovo shares suspended

Jittery market reacts to expected rejig

Perv Oz burglar pumps and dumps Jungle Jane

Cairns cops hunt inflatable doll shagger

Satyam chairman quits, admits faking accounts

Coughs to years of profit puffing at Indian outsourcer

Samsung swaggers in with 100GB SSD

Gain speed, save power

M&S to sell Elonex netbooks

'I'll have a pack of spuds, three set of knickers and a PC'

IPWireless goes it alone

NextWave says ciao, customer coughs up

US forces order fuel-cell units for medevac stretchers

I see you have the machine that goes ping, soldier

High Zune: MS loads up for the CES shootout

Radio RegBut it won't exactly be what you were expecting...

Vogue model sues Google over 'defamatory' blog

Lawsuit demands identity of 'old hag' libeller

Oracle tripped up by 'leap second'

Save the Clock Tower

TomTom debuts satnav DVD player

'At the next left turn watch Goodfellas'

Weak sigs found on one in seven SSL sites

Survey highlights serious spoofability

Send old Shuttles to Mars, says Scotty ashes prang man

Admits they would land with 'a pretty good thump'

Nokia reveals Tube's UK launch date

Watch out, iPhone...

Nokia calls foul over patent spat

Complains to EC over IPCom

Navy SEALs look to grapple with Brazilian

Front mount and finishing expertise a must

I've only shagged two blokes, insists Paris Hilton

'Mostly I just kiss', claims amateur grumble flick star

Intel figures take kicking in Q4

PCs to blame

Ubuntu Eee undergoes cheesy Easy Peasy rebrand

New distro eyes up netbook market

SDXC memory card spec launched for 2TB capacity

CESWrite speed to rocket

Password guessing attack exposed in Twitter pwn

The pursuit of 'happiness'

SanDisk intros push-button backup... USB Flash stick

CESIs 64GB enough?

Verizon predicts Kindle copycatting

If only people will make more phone calls

Sun snuggles with cloud virtual data centre company

Gets into Q-layer

US rubberstamps AMD manufacturing spin-off


Microsoft disables automatic IE 8 downloads

It's for your own good

Wi-Fi video uploads coming to SD

CESLights, cameras, upload!

HP readies Intel-based 10in netbook

CESVIA-running Mini 2133's successor?

Netgear to take on Apple TV next summer

CESYouTube, IPTV viewer tuned

Netgear hooks into HSDPA for on-the-go hotspot gadget

CESWi-Fi wherever

EFF wins request for reexamination of ringtone patent

Synthesized controversy

Toshiba lets out Cell TV titbits

CESSet to be shouted about in H2

FTC to host town hall meeting on DRM abuse

Seeking public comments, research

Who says COBOL doesn't get tweaks?

IBM Power/AIX machines get 64-bit support - finally

VMware names second ex-Microsoft exec to leadership role

Remember him as he was

Sacked IT admin sentenced for hacking ex-employer

The telltale cursor

IBM and ITIF pitch for $30bn to save America

Giant job-producing IT stimulus package ahoy

EMC celebrates record revenue, axes 2,400 heads

2008 is not 2009

Google Chocolate Factory now building routers?

Why not? They're building everything else

EU raids smart card chipmakers

(More) suspicions of price fixing

Macworld: The Works

All our coverage in one place

Google China and Baidu apologize for porn links

Shamed by government crackdown

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