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2nd > January > 2009 Archive

Huawei E176 Micro SDHC-ready HSUPA 3G modem

ReviewA fast USB dongle with worldwide connectivity

Nokia 'Curse of Silence' SMS exploit uncovered

Old bug, new tricks

South American president found on Facebook

Don't poke the prez

Microsoft heralds 'record' prison terms for Chinese pirates

Happy New Year to you too

Facebook breastfeeding pic takedown gets backs up

Milk is off

Norfolk children get £310,000 of free laptops

Broads-based giveaway

HMRC gets it wrong on one in ten personal records

A very wobbly framework

Windows 7 beta washes up on Pirate Bay

If we build it they will come

New Year, new deal for Time Warner and Viacom

US viewers get SpongeBob Savedpants

SMS bug: Nokia's Conversation goes mute

CommentNot a word, so far

SpaceX assembles Falcon 9 rocket

First ISS lifter comes together at Cape Canaveral

Kamikaze ballooning Brazilian soars to Darwin Award

Antonio de Carli, come on down

Lenovo 'planning' to slash 200 jobs

Management reshuffle expected

Swoopo - eBay's (more) evil twin

How much would you bid for a bid?

2009 - Thomas the Tank's journey to IT Hell

The passengers are revolting

Semi-suckalicious semiconductor sales

Numbers are bad, but they've been a lot worse

Virgin Galactic leases itself a spaceport

Now looking to book Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes

Apple's latest patent brilliance: the iGlove

"Pull my finger" has a whole new meaning

Wikipedia exceeds $6m donation goal

Wales' personal begging earns last $2m

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