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24th > December > 2008 Archive

EA punts SecuROM-less games on Steam

And in ('most of') Europe, too

Global notebook sales finally beat desktops

PCs are up, Macs are down

Microsoft staff cuts due next month?

Justify-your-job treadmill rolling

Seven MPs go a Twittering

I'm on the front, no I'm not

Cowon iAudio S9 PMP

ReviewStep forward, first real iPod Touch beater

Mattress maker can no longer spring for SAP roll-out

Made bed, doesn't want to sleep on it

Software copyright inspection powers used for first time

Trading standards picks through firm's systems

Deutsche Telekom to share fibre with Vodafone

German monopoly rules in Christmas rewrite

Verity Stob's Big Fat Geek Yuletide Quiz of the Year Part 2

A treat for Quizlings everywhere

Chinese walls come down for video calling

Still no reason for video calling, though

OMTP opens up to new members

UpdatedBut some members are more equal than others?

NASA inks commercial ISS cargo deals

Going rate - $87,000 per kilo

2008: The year the little people walked the Earth

A year in review, in miniature

Zavvi goes titsup

The artist formerly known as Virgin Megastores

Redmond security guru explains IE vuln miss

The one that got away

That’s cloud computing. But not as we know it, Jim

Reg Reader WorkshopReg readers see emptier skies ahead

Crash survivor Twitters from burning plane (false)

Geek micro-blogged from safety

Tips from the top: cracking Christmas and New-Year books

Experts and pundits weigh in

Data center budgets to stay course in 2009?

Post-Meltdown rethink

World Bank bans India outsourcer Satyam for 8 years

No longer friends with 'improper benefits'

Sony teases netbook fans with 'new mobile' Vaio promo

PictureBook revival?

Accused Scareware mongers held in contempt of court

Fined $8,000 a day

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