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17th > December > 2008 Archive

Internet gambling mogul surrenders $300m in guilty plea

Party's over

Palm store now sells catch-up

But will developers find it sufficiently tasty?

Fly-tipping yes, dog poo no - Jacqui promises Ripa changes

And takes the under-tens off DNA database

2008's top three music phones

Kit of the YearApple. Nokia. Sony Ericsson. Fight, fight, fight

Europe-wide emergency number is go

112 for gendarmerie, guardia civil, policií

Designer pitches solar-powered AA battery

Clever roll-up panel

NASA inks deal for ISS plasma drive tests

Keeping the station out of this world

iPhone 3G finally unlocked

God bless you, iPhone Dev Team

Adobe sales are flat in tough market

'Will emerge from current recession stronger than ever'

Motorola prepping four-strong phone launch?

Handset designs leaked online

EA misled gamers with Wii Woods ad, says watchdog

Wrong footage

IBM wins borders deal

Pips EDS, Fujitsu to £3m agency post

Minister confirms low Lorenzo usage

NPfIT system users could probably fit in phone box

Economists: European ancestors are what make you rich

No shit, Sherlock

Censored scenes from the Congress WMD report

Last minute bioterror rewrites?

Sony Rolly dancing MP3 player

ReviewRollin', dancin' music thang

'Complacent' businesses turn blind eye on IP crime, says

Viva Hooky Street!

Three short papers about desktop TCO

Wintel camp beats the same drum

European Court OKs rich Finns text list

Balances data protection and press freedom

Don't delay: Delete your DNA today

What to do now

Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah set for top two spots in Christmas Day charts

Buckley fans try to bump Burke

Western Digital hits the buffers

2,500 face the axe

Mozilla hastily shoves Firefox updates out door

Versions 2 and 3 get even patchier

Best Buy sees dramatic Q3 profit shrinkage

Struggles to digest Carphone Warehouse losses

Rail companies roll out barcode ticket standard

We don't need no stinkin' NFC

Yahoo! to! kill! most! search! engine! data! records! after! three! months!

Raises anonymisation bar

How Warcraft reigned supreme in 2008

Due a Jedi ass kickin'?

Sony prepping PSP 4000?

Could this finally be the PSP Phone?

Xbox iPhone to welcome Metal Gear Solid

Konami does Jesus phone gaming

TV remote argument allegedly prompts stabbing

Murder on the set-top

France liberates Jesus Phone from Orange

Liberté, égalité, l'iPhone disponibilité

Sprint modem straddles 3G, WiMAX

The slow and the Clear

Motorola to freeze pay rises, pensions

Co-CEOs take 25 per cent cut

Leaked memo details Walmart iPhone

Or does it?

Microsoft's Live Search cash-back chief joins exodus

Run for the hills

Yahoo! mocks Google Privacy Theatre

AnalysisLess-nonsensical anonymization

New York 'iPod tax' incites media bleating

Four-cent proposal twists knickers

Microsoft issues emergency IE patch as attacks escalate

Patch now

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