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16th > December > 2008 Archive

Web more popular than sex, says Intel


Apple update purges 21 security vulns from OS X

Joins patch-batch club

Adobe learns lessons of open-source Flex

No pain, no gain

Palm going Nova next month

Make-or-break OS

Google sponsored links caught punting malware

Click here to get pwned

Chip boffins hone silicon-brain interface

IEDMFirst slugs. Then humans

Flash cells near shrinkage limit

IEDMVolatility threatens non-volatile memory

2008's top three PMPs

Kit of the YearOur favourite cinema-in-your-hand gadgets

DfT spends £81m to save £57m

Shared services move showed 'stupendous incompetence'

British Standard explains how to store data for use as evidence

Legally admissible BS

Tiny iPhone en route?

China says so

Nvidia next-gen GeForce due Q1

Two more GTX 200s first, though

Profs: Eating Belgian truffles will make you buy a Mac

Homemade meringues = Linux, presumably*

Russian's emoticon trade mark won't wash with EU

You winker

Oz couple served legal docs via Facebook

Tracked to social networking site

GTA: ChinaTown Wars launch dated announced

Stylus-based slasher

Electric car maker in 'urgent financial distress'

'Leccy TechTh!nk goes cap in hand to govt

Virgin Media to dump neutrality and target BitTorrent users

ExclusiveIt's deep packet inspection, but it's not for Phorm...

Vodafone knocks English cricket for six

Ends sponsorship deal

G N' R blogger pleads guilty to copyright violation

Sitting in a Chinese stew

Microsoft knew about Xbox 360 disc-scratch problem, employee claims

Fresh court documents uncover the 'truth'

Nine in ten emails now spam

River of junk stems from malware plague

Revamped Mac Mini en route, claims Apple insider

He knows when, but not what

US firm vies for Opteron packaging excess crown

Aboxalypse nowBoxing unclever

Royal Navy completes Windows for Submarines™ rollout

Trident sub's new Windows LAN fitted in 18 days

Anti-radiation phone chip withdrawn from sale

Protection called into question

Online storage start-up pitches 'USB stick on the internet'

Lets small biz try out its big idea for free

Epson Stylus Photo PX800FW all-in-one wireless printer

ReviewEpson tries to keep up with the competition

China 'bans' BBC's Chinese website

No Auntie for you, comrade

Novell dishes up OpenSUSE 11.1 details

Tweaks licence, dumps EULA

Gamer recovers Xbox 360 using controller

Wireless proves wonderful

DARPA aim to make killer robots invulnerable to damage

'It absolutely will not stop'

GTA: The Lost and Damned video released

Birds, booze and bikes. Oh, and guns...

Be Broadband doubles down on ADSL to catch cable

'Up to' 48Mbit/s trials

Toaster used to recharge gadgets

Butter and jam optional

Scottish firm pays £120,000 over unlicensed software

UpdatedSee what happens when you take the low road...

Distie tightens ups security deals

Bell tolls for cross selling

German card leak delivered by microfilm

Old school security breach

Hasbro drops lawsuit against Scrabulous creators

Do we need to spell it out to you?

Microsoft spits out ODF plans for Office 2007 SP2

Foaming at the interoperability mouth

The benefits of co-ordinating dev and ops efforts

Yes, there are some. Really

Any aaSes in your organisation?

The appetite for cloud services

NAND flash follow-on technology

Allotropes you can eat

The Year in Operating Systems: No battle of big ideas

Small change for 2009

Opera releases update for 'extremely severe' vulns

Cross-platform performance

Apple's holiday Mac sales flatline

Windows PC comeback

Larry Wall on the Zen of Perl 6

What kind of programmer are you?

American Express web bug exposes card holders

UpdatedXSS: Entrenched since November 2008

Applers howl over Mac OS fix

Update can downgrade

Enterprise VoIP soars despite Meltdown

IP phone shipments up 25 per cent

German-spouting HR system costs UK gov £80m

'Stupendous incompetence'

Jobs, Apple out of Macworld Expo

End of an era - or two

To beat Google, Microsoft will become Google

Data-center armlock

Microsoft issues emergency patch warning for IE

Zero-day exploit fix arrives Wednesday

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