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9th > December > 2008 Archive

Logitech launches padded Lapdesk

Work in a cold climate

Big Blue donates cloud to unborn solar cells

Free cycles for plastic sun capture

Micro Focus snags Relativity for $9.7m

Mainframe marriage

21 million German bank accounts - yours for only €12m

It's a steal

Microsoft phone coming Zune?

Rumors finally have a freshness date

Adobe and SpringSource meet on RIA

Rich enterprise play

Dell to flog EMC Celerra NAS

Buddy system to go on five more years

Archos 7 internet-enabled PMP

ReviewTwo inches can go a long way

A380 too quiet, moan Emirates pilots

Pesky passengers disturbing our kip

Brussels ploughs ahead with biofuel plans

Sugarbeet is the EU's Iowa corn

Reg readers in the dark over extreme porn

Local police clueless too

Fighter jet crashes in suburban San Diego

Three dead on the ground, pilot ejects safely

HP's bendy plastic e-paper display on the way

Ribbony prototype tested

Phones to be powered by speech?

It's good to talk

Better Place deploys re-charging posts in Israel

'Leccy TechPillar of the EV community?

Fujitsu looking to sell hard drive unit

Sale is on again

Why the IWF was right to ban a Wikipedia page

Guest opinionWikimedia's hypocrisy

Clangers creator dies at 83

RIP Oliver Postgate

MS: We'll slash search data retention if big boys play ball

Anonymise after six months...

SkyFire beta goes public

Mobile browser war opens new front

Ofcom rules on Clarkson strumpet gag

No breach of broadcasting code

Rockstar pledges GTA:IV PC patch

Gameplay problem fix

Scorpions tale leaves IWF exposed

Opinion'Look, that regulator isn't wearing any clothes'

RIM officially unveils Javelin

Bold beater?

Hackers ahead of the game despite McColo shutdown

One step forward, two steps back

Exam board to hear appeal over format cockup

Left on school servers, as well as sent as Word documents

Sony shutting factories and laying off staff

Temps and perms go

RIM Blackberry Pearl Flip 8220

ReviewThe message machine to be seen with?

iPhone lights a fire

Burn, baby, burn

Helmet makes you 'feel' in-game head shots

Just like being shot in the head, apparently

Mozilla boudoir shoots out second Firefox 3.1 beta

Let there be pr0n resilience website feedback page falls over

404: FAIL

What we really think of IT architects

WorkshopSlippery enough to crawl under a snake's belly wearing a top hat?

CPW man quits Olympic committee

Boris loses yet another adviser

LG tests 100Mb/s download phone chip

A viable 4G technology?

Leeds Council loses kids details

Memory stick, car park fail

MS Ireland blocks redirection 'hack' - eventually

Red hair faces all round

Saw: The Videogame hit by setback


Microsoft squeezes out Oxite 'open source' blogger platform

Spot the difference

Sun puts Shanghai Opterons in Galaxy boxes

Gets ready for Intel's Nehalem Xeons

Firm touts anti-radiation chip for phones

'Quantum physical information wave' technology employed

Pilots survive night on Hudson Strait ice sheet

18 hours at -20°C

In-the-wild attacks find hole in (fully-patched) IE 7

UpdatedHardened browser pwned

Google Oompa Loompas cloaking user agents?

Goobuntu rumor resurfaces

Apple's Snow Leopard set to exploit GPU power

OpenCL 1.0 spec debuts

Google Native Client challenges Microsoft and Adobe RIAs

If only they can get the security to work

2008 goes into one-second overtime

Boffins insert another 'leap second'

Four-year-old Diebold glitch silently drops votes

Botches California county's results

GPLv3 to reinforce FSF open-source license position?

Beats older competition

Intel plans tiny energy suckers to watch environs

Litter the planet

Yahoo! planning massive layoffs for Wednesday

10% workforce cut looms

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