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8th > December > 2008 Archive

Google App Engine to swallow Salesforce cloud

Business interest

Samsung SyncMaster 2263DX 22in monitor

ReviewA neat idea packed into a nice chassis

Carphone co-founder quits over secret share pledge

Borrowed money against share stake

How clear a view do you have on your IT?

Mini PollKeeping a handle on the bigger picture

Apple dealer buys its way into the Midlands

Consolidation a go-go

Microsoft picks up data centre from the back of a lorry

Hopes to restart enterprise juggernaut

Intel's 32nm Atom roadmapped

Total SoC integration

Sony Ericsson touts tiny talker

Small but perfectly formed?

Fugitive Danish IT chief surrenders at LA copshop

Stein Bagger on Skid Row

PSP is 'vibrant platform', says Atari chief

UMD's future looks grey, though

Aussie government to rig filter testing

Opponents of Great Aussie Firewall take to the streets

AMD's 8-series integrated chipset slips a quarter?

Later release date for 'RS880'

EMC and NetApp disk revenues outstrip market

IDC quarterly disk storage numbers

MS calls time on Black Friday cashback debacle

No rollback on bushwhacked money back plan

OCZ readies USB eSATA Flash drive

End of the USB key as we know it?

Brute force SSH attack confounds defenders

Who are those guys?

Unseen touchscreen Nokia leaked

Mock-up for UI improvements, claims Nokia

AMD rolls out first Phenom IIs

Watch out, Core i7

Did speaker's statement show he doesn't know what day IT is?

CommentWool(sack)y thinking on PCs

Aussie convicted over Simpsons sex pics

'My butt does not deserve a website'

Onyx buys Dundas IT

Scottish expansion

Microsoft bullish on BizTalk Server beta

One of a kind?

Google OS gOS - if at first you don't succeed...

Fail and, fail again

Barrow boy Microsoft flogs nostalgic tragic t-shirts

As Dell Boy takes to QVC

WowWee Rovio Mobile webcam

ReviewAll Terrain, Armoured... webcam. Well, almost

Penis pill botnet awakens after McColo shutdown


IBM crossed off ID application shortlist

CSC and Fujitsu still duking it out

RAF in plot against Fleet Air Arm again

Opinion1930s, 1970s ... disaster every time they do it

Entire class fails IT exam by submitting in Word format


Santa booted from iPhone app store

Seasonal icons face off

NFC-enabled Micro SD card unveiled

Cash and capacity

Memorex’s MP3 karaoke crooner

Pick a song, any song...

UK e-tailers scurry to scrap dodgy Heavy Metal covers

IWF says acts in good faith - what about Blind Faith?

Fiat shows solar-panel wrapped 'Panda of the future'

'Leccy TechPhylla up

Is groupware the worst thing you've ever encountered?

Mini PollGet over it with our productivity mini-survey

Touchscreen demand hurt Nokia in Q3, says analyst

Rocketing iPhone, Blackberry growth

Google starts selling unlocked G1

Shipping in gold envelopes?

Apple disables Egyptian iPhone GPS

Wandering in the desert

Acer beats arch-rival Asus in Q3 netbook match

Aspire One quarter's most popular machine

Fresh blood planned for Sun's board

Sense of urgency

Obama urged to create White House cybersecurity chief

Current risk 'unacceptable'

Google spews desktop ads onto Satan, Jesus Phones

Holiday push

Wal-Mart iPhone a done deal?

Sales associates sing

AMD accepts smaller stake in chip fab spin-off

Lowered assets in ass-covering deal

IBM drops Power7 drain in 'Blue Waters'

Super efficiency

Gaps blight JavaFX early promise

ReviewSun repeats Swing mistakes

Trio indicted over Trojan brokerage scam

Inside man cons crooks

Facebook worm hijacks web search

Koobface shows its ugly mug again

Hackintosh clone surfaces in the Argentine

'Applications may not function properly'

Intel trumpets world's fastest silicon photonic detector*

*Ladybird not included

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