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5th > December > 2008 Archive

NASA delays Mars tank launch until 2011

Budget grows another $400m

Green Hills spins out military Integrity for masses

An OS that secures OSes

STEC director 'creative' with CV

Non-existent qualifications result in Broadcom boot

What the heck is an IT Architect anyway?

We really want to know...

HP claims market-topping 2.5-inch storage

UpdateOur 300GB is bigger than your 300GB

Government grants itself even more data sharing power

But ever so quietly

Sony Ericsson Walkman W902 mobile phone

ReviewImage-conscious Walkman phone gets a snappier snapper

Customs warns of killer consoles

Dodgy Nintendo DSs

Atlantis Hubble mission set for 12 May

Final servicing gig

HP boxes Mother Earth into submission

Aboxalypse nowFurther packaging outrages menace planet

Logitech launches real wood guitar at virtual-axe Heroes

Guitar Hero here we come...

MIT boffins crack fusion plasma snag

Chance of success at French megaproject enhanced

Microsoft hires Yahoo! search boss

Buying the company person by person

Second Firefox 3.1 beta under starters order

As Firefox 2.x disrobes anti-phishing and heads for retirement

Electric car seller hits brakes as UK EV sales plunge

'Leccy TechShock for fans

EU asks Google for privacy advice

Hey, gorilla, what shall I do with this banana?

Craiglist rant man on criminal libel rap

Falls foul of 'rarely used' Colorado statute

Acer unveils smartphone launch date

Smart talkers coming soon

South Korea spends big to become games powerhouse

Millions to be pumped into sector

Missile Defence multikill space interceptor in hover test

VidSmartswarm module gets (23 feet) off ground

BOFH: The Christmas party

Episode 39Treasure hunting, BOFH-style

RIM Vodafone BlackBerry Storm

ReviewAttempts to take on iPhone, fails...

Armed robbers take Paris jewellers for £70m

Cato! You imbecile! Not now!

Medion marches out heavyweight entertainment laptop

Home cinema notebook

Facebook phone goes on sale

INQ1 ships

HDS points customers at dashboard to dodge sales slowdown

Making the expensive look affordable

007 Warhead screenplay sold for £46K

The Bond film that never was

Amazon MP3 fuels indie gloom

Not exactly retail therapy

Gaming add-on forces players to excercise

'Now drop and give me twenty!'

How successful are business productivity initiatives?

Are your pips squeaking yet?

BitTorrent net meltdown delayed

But is UTP the best approach?

Jacqui promotes police handhelds

Wants more IT collaboration

Mobile social network brings adwords to SMS

Wadja know it?

EDS carpeted for struggling prison project

Escape committee

Supplier sounds fake netbook warning

HIS not making mini-laptops

Openreach reaching for more cash

Ofcom consults on increased loop pricing

DARPA orders 'fridge-sized' laser energy cannon

Giant GM sharks with strengthened necks expected

Armed anti-paedophile cops swoop on video site uploader

Baby swing vid prompts 'child abuse material' charge

Brits not turned on by mobile internet

Think it's too expensive

Cryptic formula hints at Metal Gear Solid 4 on Xbox 360

Mysterious website hint

America loses 1.9 million jobs in 11 months

IT is holding up, more or less

Amazon parks human genome on cloud

Taps Exploits world of boffins

EMC preps (limited) layoffs

Company-wide efficiency drive

Apple spreads 300 million iPhone apps

Paid or free?

Pair arrested over leaked BNP list

Data Protection Act offences alleged

IBM discounts Power servers (again)

Woos new buyers

New trojan in mass DNS hijack

Single box pollutes entire LAN

Icahn huddled with MS over Yahoo! search sale

Mixed messages

JBoss app server 5.0 released

A long and winding road

Google slows data center empire expansion

'Volatile economic conditions'

Ex-Appler resurrects Mac-friendly RAID

'Set and forget'

MS lines up six critical fixes for Tuesday

Patches stick to the usual suspects

Doctor amputates boy's arm using SMS instructions

TXT 'ARM OP' to 80008

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