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4th > December > 2008 Archive

Bot-wielding hackers crash eBay holiday giveaway

eBay cares not

FCC boss spices Puritan wireless plan

The threat of unlicensed spectrum

'Faith-based' investment firm fingers holiday's most sinful games

Holy @&$#

Sun sneaks JavaFX Mobile into desktop FX

Any RIA in a storm

Irish govt powers up electric vehicle drive

'Leccy TechBut is €1m enough?

Novell grooms NetWare-Linux lovechild

Real-server tools meet fake-server tools

Logitech PureFi Mobile portable Bluetooth speaker set

ReviewA multi-purpose on-the-move system

Aussies to get first Googlephone January 2009

Kogan Agora delayed a month

Pirates pee on Amazon's MP3 parade

Hijack MP3 announcement

Panasonic steers out of satnav street

MPs demand investigation into unlawful police action

CommentPC Power grab put on hold

Firefox plug-in Trojan harvests logins

Spy on the wire

Lego terrorist threatens democracy

Religious leaders slam 'Toy Taliban'

Human rights court rules UK DNA grab illegal

UpdatedJacqui Smith: Law to remain while judgment 'carefully considered'

130,000 inflatable jubs missing at sea

Oz mag issues floating chesticle alert

Adobe axes 600 jobs, lowers sales outlook

Recession bites

CSC orders staff home in cost-cutting shutdown

'It's OK, you can use up next year's holiday!'

Reding prods Germans on termination rates info

C'mon, regulator - spill

IBM takes on VMware virtual desktop

Big Blue's view different from VMware View

A last hurrah: Matching info challenges with functional capabilities

What about the stuff we’re not so good at?

US space outfit promises The Right Stuff experience

Sub-orbital jaunt for $95k

Microsoft wants to get under your skin

HealthVault links up with VeriMed RFID chips

Sun and VMWare updates keep sysadmins busy

Patched quilt

Fujifilm FinePix S100 FS digital camera

ReviewA bridge camera that offers bags of DSLR features

Tell Santa to bring more assault rifles

America tools up for the inauguration

Jacqui Smith denies any knowledge of police search

And Speaker's 'speedy' enquiry goes slow

Oz MPs 'could be breathalysed'

Major blow for New South Wales politicos

Israeli Linux fan squeezes Windows refund out of Dell

Settles out of court over EULA dispute

Plod punishes PC-reliant businesses

Innocent or not, you deserve to suffer

US WMD report: Dirty bombs, chem weapons are bunk

But the bioterrorists will strike by 2013! Aiee!

Apple more closed than Microsoft

Reg Tech PanelChoice cut from Reg Barometer Survey

UK ramps up health über-database

We take part (voluntarily) in Biobank UK

Nokia trims expectations again

Palm to cut costs by 20%

AT&T will slash 12,000 from workforce

Telco cuts off 4% of workers

Networked multipack cruise missiles in successful test

Could make tanks & artillery obsolete

Lapland New Forest website suffers 'unusual technical problems'

'Scam' Xmas attraction hit by 'bizarre machine fault'

VoIP is coming to the iPod Touch

Is there nothing an Apple can't do?

Interflora sues M&S over Google keywords

Could be trade mark test case

Booby-trapped emails fly back into fashion

Trojan assault wave takes many guises

AMD chip sales crashed in Q4

Shanghai'd by the meltdown

Microsoft warns customers against bogus 'Blue Edition' Office

Which you can buy on MSN?

Leaked Met letter questions Speaker's version of police raid

When powerful interests attack

Microsoft to embed RSA data cop in Windows

Rights management deal

Apple eyes (yet another) multi-touch patent

Give your UI the finger

Angel spots CherryPal cloud chimera

It's small and it's real

Third ex-NASA Ames worker jailed for child porn

Yes, third

Blu-ray backers highlight rising demand

Player shortages, consumer fears exaggerated, it's claimed

Python 3.0 appears, strangles 2.x compatibility

No more snake jokes. We promise

Apple prepping $99 Wal-Mart iPhone?

Boy Genius cranks rumor mill

Microsoft preps IE 8 for the web-challenged

Hipsters not allowed

American 'football' goes 3D

Multidimensional Rugby-like game

ARSes crush Novell profits

Could be worse

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