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7th > December > 2007 Archive

The day Microsoft 'embraced and extended' Java

Myths and legendsInfamy, infamy...

Seagate buys document analysis firm

MetaLinks assimilated for undisclosed sum

How much does El Reg cost the global economy?

Reader pollPutting a price on Vulture Central

Dotcom Bubble 2.0: The Musical

The Richter Scales rock YouTube

AdultFriendFinder rapped for X-rated pop-ups

Foisted explicit material on wide-eyed innocents

CIA erased waterboarding videos

'It was done in line with the law,' insists top spook

Video watch: plays movies, tells time

DVLA coughs to data slip

Details sent to wrong addresses

419ers flash big bucks cashcard

$920k - coming soon to an ATM near you

AMD DisplayPort graphics card spied on web

Would-be HDMI killer arrives

Nokia confused over handset’s features

Too much Christmas spirit?

German Wikipedia attacked over Nazi symbolism

UpdatedPolitician files charges

Fuel sensor glitch delays Atlantis launch

Lift-off now pencilled for Saturday

Italy calls for anti-counterfeit commissioner

Real action needed on faked goods

Spinning, flashing Linux logo droid comes to UK

Geek love

IBM buys Arsenal...

...Digital, another storage vendor

Campaign to name US street after Douglas Adams

42nd Avenue, of course

BOFH: Xmas party: Get a wriggle on

Episode 41When the chips are waiting...

It's not too late to join the bioterror gold rush

AnalysisFollow the money

Wigan man traps todger in metal ring

Cue fire brigade bearing handgrinder

Logic3 SoundStation3 PS3 speakers

ReviewThree it seems, is the magic number

Sony ponders direct-to-PSP downloads

Taking the PC out of the picture

IBM sues Asustek over patent dispute

Big Blue calls for import ban as licensing row goes legal

Met plan moves police to out of town megabases

Community support handles the 'accessible and friendly' bit

Teachers: Feel my Truthiness - Jimbo

Is our children reverting, yet?

Sony exec confirms PS3 will get Blu-ray Profile 1.1 this month

But only one, German disc uses the spec

US Blu-ray Disc player sales pass 2.7m

Close to HD DVD total - if you ignore PS3

Lebanese lottery scam suspect cuffed in Cyprus

$10m Interpol target awaits possible extradition

LG launches posh music phone

MI5, EPA clean up dirty bomb dirt

Spooks vanquish phantom menace

Data centre looted in multimillion pound overnight heist

UpdatedBogus bobbies raid King's Cross site

Verizon sued for GPL naughtiness

Where's the source?



UK gov: Feds will get BAE bribe files when hell freezes over

Six month stonewall 'shows we know how serious this is'

Sega denies Dreamcast revival

Trademark mysteriously updated

Microsoft, antitrust and blogtards

MailbagBeast 2.0

MS rejects Web 2.0 moniker for IE

As you were

Codemasters pledges to stay civil on file-sharing

What, you mean the police have better things to do?

Police launch hunt for bogus bobbies

Raiders used roof ruse to dupe data centre staff

MySpace celebrity hacker downs hacking forum

Friendly fire

Western Digital drive is DRM-crippled for your safety

Because you are a dirty criminal scumbag

Microsoft wriggles on Volta concerns

No Google clone

Google's next web toolkit thinks it's better than you

GWT ConferenceFastest fingers in the West

Top-secret US labs penetrated by phishers

Coordinated attack

Novell, Red Hat and Gartner war with Facebook for PR flop award

Radio RegSave the fear leader. Save the hurled

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