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4th > December > 2007 Archive

Bloody code!

Multiple exit points

Secret mailing list rocks Wikipedia

ExclusiveHigh School Musical 3

Open source model impacts EnterpriseDB staff

Workers freedomed out the door

Frontline Wireless matches Google with 700-MHz bid

'We are bidding to win'

Canadian loses $20K in phony eBay sale

Account hijacking continues

IT pro admits stealing 8.4M consumer records

Netted $580,000

Sun itching to release its virtualization platform

xVM Ops Center gets a price tag

Ofcom announces microwave spectrum auction details

Britannia sells the waves

Ex-HMRC boss gets shiny new civil service post

DWP adds to UK identity crisis?

Brits declare Paris most pointless celeb

Talented heiress fails to impress

Intel roadmaps P45, G45 chipsets for Q2 '08

Fully Vista-friendly integrated GPUs too

World's oldest Roller goes for £3.5m

1904 10hp two-seater

Oz video rental giants go Blu-ray only

HD DVD camp 'missing the boat' Down Under

Nokia unveils eco phone and planet-friendly charger

NokiaWorldThe mobile Evolves

Poor take-up of e-tax system

Biz won't fill in returns electronically, say MPs

Less cash for more chips

Consumers gorge on silicon

Creative ups Zen mem to 32GB

Beer makes people have sex with you

Shock booze-nookie linkage

Appraisals are dishonest, waste of time

Staff put a cross in the box

Counterfeit Vista rate half that of XP

And not for the reasons you think

Acute virus outbreak hits Tristan da Cunha

'World's most isolated settlement' awaits urgent medical supplies

How to carve up the Digital Dividend?

Ofcom consults the public while the EU mulls mandates

Google slightly less open than Interpol

Do no evil, but keep very, very quiet about it...

Nokia N81 8GB smartphone

ReviewYou wait ages for an 8GB Nokia then three come along at once

Is Apple coding Leopard to run Windows apps natively?

Or just making life easier for Parallels and VMWare?

Acer gives Dell notebook business a kicking

Taiwanese firm buys way into second place

DARPA seeks network firing ranges for cyber weaponry

Keep out, war-warez test in progress

Nokia pumps up headphone pair


Nokia to offer unlimited music downloads... for free

NokiaWorldIf you buy a phone...

MPAA's uni piracy-busting toolkit forced offline

Copyright violation surveillance suite in potential pot/kettle fiasco

Mum defends suspected Kiwi botmaster

Misunderstood youth

Wernher Von Braun's 1934 PhD thesis auctioned

Declassified early work of Nazi/NASA rocket granddaddy

Information Commissioner faces MP grilling

Committee hearing this afternoon

eBayers offload eBay Xmas prezzie on eBay

Unwanted gift, going cheap

T-Mobile wins right to end sale of unlocked iPhones

German Court rules against Vodafone

Murdoch puts faith in online religion

LinkedIn damned to hell

iPhone tops mobile browsing charts

Interface driving usage?

Xmas hangovers to cost UK biz £790m

Puking, shattered employees menace economy

Asus dropped hard disk from Eee PC at eleventh hour

ExclusiveManual reveals all

Win 2000 anti-virus products fail independent tests

Polymorphic virus fools mediocre security packages

Stock market breaks out mistletoe for Microsoft-SAP

Old chestnuts, get your old chestnuts

VMware parades virtualization for the SMB masses

Squirt the virt

LimeWire gets schooled in law by RIAA members

Antitrust? Fuhgeddaboudit!

Privacy breach nuked in Canadian passport site

Applicants' intimate details free for the taking

Vista vs XP performance: Some informal tests

Who's the daddy?

Microsoft kills Santa Claus

Christmas canceled due to salty tongue

iPhone's visual voicemail ain't so new

Patent holder sees Apple in court

Verizon fondling Google Android?

Strange bedfellows

Experts paint bleak picture of security in 2017

Cyberterrorists and software stalinism

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