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20th > September > 2007 Archive

SAP fails to unveil on-demand service

Swiss-cheese time for A1S

Dell US peddles recycling for

The Brave Little Toaster is horrified

Apple coughs up G4 refunds to dissatisfied Danes

Still denies sudden ibook death syndrome

Rackable starts moving ICE

IDFWhite trash part two

OpenOffice builds extensions for v2.3

Everyone-hates-Redmond week

American-style casino opens in Iraq

Kalashnikovs checked at door

Freescale simplifies embedded 32-bit applications

CodeWarrior v7.0 offers better interface, faster code

Motorola launches home phone range

Sony expands CompactFlash range

Snap more, store more

LG readies pink Shine for UK, gold for Asia

Police watchdog urges use of data recorders

'Black box' for police vehicles

Mobile TV to reach 120 million users by 2012: report

DVB-H to dominate

People are biggest threat to IT security

You are the weakest link

ROK invites you to chat

Symbian app makes conferences easy, wants Reg reader testers

Come celebrate the web...

By pishing on a dying disabled woman

Lawyers attack Nominet plan for domain name disputes

Saves a little time and money, but not enough

UCL preps clustered Dell supercomputer

Putting those teraflops to work

EC competition commissioner slams US dissing

Get your tanks off my bailiwick

Misys revenue up six per cent

But healthcare arm still under the weather

Report: Steve Jobs gets SEC subpoena

Apple boss to testify in backdating suit

Sony shakes up PS3 controller market

Get ready to rumble

Light Sabre wars for your Wii

Set your nunchuck to “schwvving”

Microsoft comes a cropper in Strasbourg as a hole in Peru wipes the :-) off 600 faces

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MIT builds load-carrying mechanical boots

JackBoot™? March-o-Matic™? YompBot™?

The Curse of Bono strikes Palm

Falling sales to blame

Legal threat to 'Green nuke' consultation

Vote twice if you have two heads

ESA readies super-chilled space telescope

Building blocks falling into place

Japanese wrinklies spurn robot helpers

Might yet go for obedient droid butlers, though

Persona analysis

The vital practice, or worse than doing nothing?

FCC unveils Asus P550 smartphone

Large display, impressive features

IT risk becomes board-level issue

Risky business

Verizon converges on global 3G

Farewell, WiMAX?

RIAA eyes radio's billions

ColumnBig Broadcasters ready to cuff labels again

Ofcom moots the 900MHz boot for O2 and Vodafone

Let's have another spectrum auction!

Music industry cripples eDonkey network

File sharing reduced

F1 secrets left on the web

Uncensored transcript posted online

Configuration management: a guru speaks

SeminarGet in on the action

Stem cells from testicles offer organ bonanza

Bollock-bothering boffin moves from mice to men

Yahoo! In! Ninth! Circle! Of! Security! Hell!

Swiss cheese IM client menaced by umpteenth zero day bug

Consumers confused by HD

Studies and stats at the ready

Scientists get bogged down about climate change

Ancient methane tells a story

Eye-O-Sauron™ spy towers still buggy

DHS huddled masses tracker further delayed

PC superstore refuses to take sack in hand

Says bag is 'incompatible with Mac laptops'

NetScout buys Network General for $205m

Give it a wash, good as new

NBC unveils self-destructing, ad-addled anti-iTunes service

'Take that, Steveo!'

Google sued for 'crimes against humanity'

Brin and Page face $5bn payout

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