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19th > September > 2007 Archive

XtremeData volunteers to serve as Intel's FPGA busboy

IDFAltera Inside

USB set to go to 3 for HD

IDFPaves way for optical links

Doomwatchers sound Windows and IE vuln alarm

Reasons to believe in net insecurity (Part 94)

Intel chief waves wafer full of 'world's first' 32nm chips

IDFOne shiny 300mm disc looks much like another...

Brother unveils 'fastest' laser printer

Business Nokia makes an entrance

Would suit your three-button pin-stripe

Turkey stuffs YouTube (again)

Much ado about Ataturk

Benioff launches pre-emptive A1S strike

DreamforceTenants up the wazoo

Intel slobbers over flash-based server storage

IDFPricey but fast

Microsoft vs EC round-up

The verdict and reaction...

Fresh Xeon to rough up twittering Opteron

IDFWar breaks out between imaginary chips

Maddy: TV torture for the ADD generation

Column'This is awful. I can't stop watching'

New competition minister makes broadband rallying cry

Calls for public sector buy-in

Irish firm launches 'global' mobile phone

'All global calls should be local calls'

New GPS sats to lack Selective Availability

Availability will still be selective though

New York Times and Murdoch gunning for more clicks

Gray lady lifts her skirts

Bioethics group raises DNA database concerns

Analysis'There has to be a limit to police powers'

Time Warner mulls flogging AOL US dial-up biz (again)

Aged Operator Leftovers

Battling iPod docks take to the battlefield

Headphones at the ready

The iPhone arrives, but is O2 being taken for a ride?

Analysis'You want... how much?'

Nobel-winning boffin slams ISS, manned spaceflight

'Infantile fixation on putting people into space'

LG unwraps HD DVD and Blu-ray combi drive PC

High Def format detente in Korea

easyJet's cheapo astroturfing campaign downs charity servers

Apology landed, donation en route, marbles lost in a spam storm

How to create a sensible telephone strategy

Mobile ClinicTo VoIP or not to VoIP

Lenovo debuts world's highest res 22in monitor

Crisp, sharp and desktop

Doggers dogged over the dog and bone

Text alert service digs itself a hole

Internet gambling apparently no problem after all

UK gov survey debunks media hysteria

Hypersonic plane project confirmed by DARPA

Retro 60s tech unlikely to melt much tinfoil

First Intel quad-core mobile CPU due Q3 08

IDFNot Montevina friendly?

T-Mobile wins iPhone for Germany

Who will be next?

German web host to go carbon neutral

Trusty old diesel engine at hand if renewable energy cocks up

Ever wanted to see the game from the football's PoV?

Designer unveils kickable, throwable camera

Brussels deploys Galileo rescue plan

Farmers won't miss €2.2bn, say officials

Google says go-go-Gadget Ads

The joy of web app advertising...sob

IBM hopes open office is Symphony to your key-tapping fingers

Targets rival Microsoft

Intel pledges ultra-low power web gadget chip - again

IDFMore on 'Moorestown'

Nvidia readies SLI for Intel's X38?


787 unsafe, claims former Boeing engineer

Dreamliner crash and burn?

Smiley celebrates 25th birthday

Big * and 25x@>--->--- for :-)

Microsoft counters VMware insanity with optimistic frown

AnalysisOur time will come

Web host breach may have exposed passwords for 6,000 clients

Names, addresses and phone numbers also at risk

ICANN dukes it out with the USSR in cold war rematch smackdown

Living in the zombie domain, keeping the net safe for the free world

NASA trolls web for wannabe astronauts

Position requires 'extensive travel'

Sorting through Intel's SoC drawer

IDF'Canmore' and 'Tolapai' - compare and contrast

Argos admits selling Halo 3 early

Cock-up not conspiracy

Supermicro debuts super quiet server blade

IDFShhh, do you want to wake the baby?

Yes! It's the Intel 'Penryn' codename decoder

IDFWhich 45nm chip is which

TerraTec Noxon 2 net radio and iPod dock

ReviewTune into a wealth of internet radio content

Kaspersky: Maxtor markets password-pilfering Dutch disk drives

Buy now and get free malware

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