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18th > September > 2007 Archive

Samsung, Toshiba join SanDisk in US antitrust probe

NAND flash market goes under the scope

Uber-hacker Max Vision misses the killswitch

Cohorts unravel secret life

Sun to virtualize boxes, storage and NICs with 'Project Virginia'

Wait till you see Baked Alaska

US mercenary outfit shoots 11 Iraqis - and self in foot

Is outsourcing military force the wave of the future?

What does Microsoft's European defeat mean?

Lawyers speak

NASA names the day for Dawn raid on asteroid belt

Launch date pencilled in

NHS looks to prevent Mtas repeat

Starts consultation on not screwing up

Yahoo! hopes Mash will be a monster

360! take! two!

Kazaa tech chief joins BBC future technology team

Heads up next generation iPlayer

Europe claims UK botched one third of Data Protection Directive

Act 'doesn't implement European law properly'

Security to drop out of CIO spending top ten

Gartner performs Security 3.0 conjuring trick

Orange speaks out with new voice

Tha's wanting a top up, lass?

Google punts ads on the move

All your ads are now mobile

uSwitch cans IT workers

'You gotta switch!'

Barracuda snaps up firewall firm

Deep packet inspection

Space watchers spot pulsar eating a star

Skeleton star gets gobbled

Orange kneecaps Nokia

And good luck with the portal, guys...

Mozilla creates start-up to recruit email developers

Thunderbird is go

Galileo scepticism rife even in Brussels

Only satellite builders truly enthusiastic

Google's PowerPoint beater beta is go

Google run by druids shocker

Jobs hits London to announce O2 iPhone deal

Steve claims 3G is a battery drain

Like Mars, 3 needs women

Blokey stores in need of feminine touch

International media firm pays $3.5m over pirate software

Keel-hauled outfit suffers biggest-ever settlement

AMD to try to take on Intel Core 2 with tri-core Phenom

IDFIt's the multi-blade shaver war all over again

Warner punts Blunt on MySpace

Annoys Teases US fans with ex-soldier's new album

Zombies flood broadband networks

Resident Evil

New bird takes to the skies for Digital Globe

Better images for Google Earth

Subterranean mole-bot under development

No plan to seek out underground civilisations, though

Boffins challenge shape of neutron neutrality

Pick a team, dammit

Facebook's marketing goldmine may be crock of shite

Just add the Disappointment Widget

Ditch the desk phone? Yes please

Reader PollBut is this representative?

Halo 3 Legendary Edition stocks blown away

Microsoft confirms pre-order rush

Top US boffin plans jizz-based LEDs

US forces to benefit from spunktronic performance

Staying connected?

Reg Technology PanelIntroducing the always-on generation

Feeling the heat at Neptune's south pole

Long, hot, summer at -190°C

Cisco tries to save kids from careers in the arts

Partners with Institution of Engineering and Technology

Embarcadero brings discipline to XML schema

ER/Studio upgrade to standardise SOA data

Hitachi injects hypervisor into Xeon blade

IDFVirtual Virtage

Intel 'Nehalem' design completed, boots Mac OS X

IDFWindows XP too

Chinese bloke games himself to death

Three-day marathon man joins his ancestors

Next-gen Centrino to ship 'May 2008'

IDFCEO lets slip launch window

Intel Developer Forum: complete coverage

Intel CEO dishes discrete graphics return


Big-name vendors lined up to offer WiMAX laptops

IDFBut not the biggest

Beethoven's barnet fused into diamond

10 strands of hair become $1m charity gem

Intel names 'Penryn' launch date

IDFDesktop chips roadmapped

NEC ships HydraStor grid storage platform

Consolidated backup and archiving not a Herculean effort

BitTorrent-busters busted by BitTorrent

Email leak exposes stealth P2P honeypot

Adobe reports record revenue in Q3

Prints money with Creative Suite 3

Fossett search 'downgraded'

Some aerial missions suspended

Florida uni cops taser shouty student

John Kerry forum degenerates into farce

California returns once more unto the breaches

Breach and tell to include credit card info

ICANN celebrates ninth anniversary as master of your domain

Here’s to you, internet overlords

T-Mobile penetrates Virgin Islands

US cellco yields to the mighty Euro

Peruvian 'meteorite' strike provokes noxious gas attack

600 ill as authorities probe mystery buried object

World of Warcraft smites den of orc and elf sexual delinquency

Is that a vorpal sword in your pocket or...?

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