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14th > September > 2007 Archive

NASA gives jet-setting Googlers the presidential treatment

Larry Ellison fumes

Flash memory makers propose common card

Or maybe the market's 20th card format...

Microsoft dispels rumors of stealth Windows updates

It's all about updating the updater

SWsoft prepares for psychotic server episode

We'll go both ways

BEA to tempt developers with Essex server

WebLogic weight loss

Be kind to your stomach: eat chilies

A curry a day keeps the doctor away?

Sony pitches Blu-ray deskops, laptops

Countering Toshiba

Open source prima donnas to crush IBM, BEA and MS in 2008

Meat CastAnd David Beckham's issues with FLOSS

McLaren fined $100m for spying

Kicked out of constructors' championship

Kung fu monks battle Colombian karate assassins

Reader pollWho is the hardest of them all?

Intel readies successor to unlaunched gaming chipset

X38 to launch next week, X48 by year's end

AMD Phenom CPUs to support DDR 3?

Retail giants to crack whip over digital dawdlers

Dropping analogue kit early

Czech falls off motorbike, wakes up with British accent

Bohemian rhapsodises in cut-glass English

Revolutionary label to focus on streaming as downloads falter

'How much do you want to pay for music?'

Want a free iPod Shuffle? Ask Tesco

Rent DVDs, get a Shuffle

BOFH: Building changes

Episode 31Gotta watch those professionals...

Google touts Asian privacy model

What? Protecting personal data, Beijing style?

Storm Worm linked to spam surge

Russian teens fingered as likely suspects

Japan, Google head for the moon

Probing X-Prizes

TwinMos Boom 1 2.1-channel iPod audio system

ReviewThis could be the walrus

Opportunity rolls into Victoria

Checking out the rocks

Samsung iPhone rival to hit UK in November

Vodafone gets the gig

PC shipments set to jump

Notebooks and laptops show biggest growth

Pentagon to hold event prior to battery tech prize

Million-buck battery-bomb bonanza beano

Facebook gags verbal dissent group

'Quit it! You're mean!'

Philips looks to build 'huge' video database for video ID service

Aims to fingerprint all video

Senate to call Boeing's 2009 raygun nuke-zap bluff?

We'll see your $0.5bn, and raise you a laser jumbo

Sony dumps DVD for Blu-ray Disc

Take pot luck with the USB Greenhouse

The trusting, the diligent and the downright paranoid

Mobile WorkshopThe notebook security poll numbers are in

Root-locked Linux for the masses

The future: managed desktops?

Great British fry-up under threat

Getting eggspensive

Care home workers in web campaign victory

Small mercies

O2 takes it to the EDGE

We don't need no stinkin' 3G for our iPhone

Microsoft awaits European Court decision

Split decision possible

Next generation BBC iPlayer gets MS man on board


Germany nets ten phishing suspects

Trojan spam scam nipped in the bud

Quantum computing spectre looms over ecommerce

Factor 15 protection

Tech gets steamier with mp3 vibrators and strap-on kit

CommentsAnd idiots break themselves against martial artists

Attacking multicore CPUs

Get exploited on time

Universal charges into legal P2P

Then charges back out again

SanDisk subpoenaed in US antitrust probe

Canada, US courts want a piece too

Judge OKs Sprint's $30m overcharging settlement

Pre-paid uses Force to disappear

Not the interface you're looking for

SCO files for US bankruptcy protection

Lawyers got theirs

Brazilian physicists boycott Dell

'Don't ask, don't Dell' policy

AMD gives itself Web 2.0rhea

Micro-bogged news feeds

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