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27th > April > 2007 Archive

AMD and Intel take potshots in dueling court complaints

Oh no you didn't!

$1bn lawsuit takes novel approach in fighting spam

Harvesters of sorrow targeted

MPAA chairman promises legal DVD copying, interoperable DRM

The Invisible Hand

IAB raises touchy subject of internet audience measurement

Measuring sticks and stones

Congress may loosen noose on internet radio

Bill seeks to reverse Copyright Royalty Board decision

Rackable's margins enter witness protection program

Rivals hold MS, Yahoo, Amazon and Q1 profits hostage

Payroll specialist fails to pay staff

Mission critical, you say?

MPAA veteran Jack Valenti dead at 85

Champion of free speech, and DRM

Nominet board election is go

The runners and riders

Dell finally switches on PC network in Glasgow schools

177 schools left without computers for weeks

Rep. Barney Frank takes a gamble on online wagering

House of CardsSticks it to the UIGEA

Man snaps up Sea Harrier on eBay

A piece of Falklands history for £10k

US Army to fund Stanford-led supercomputing team

Plastic tanks, trouser-launched flying spy bots

Survey: young Brits ready to embrace evoting

The over 55s, not so much

MPs warned about e-health records

Government 'pressuring' patients to not opt out

PlayStation pioneer hangs up his joypad

Exit comes as Sony projects $2bn loss

From managed chaos to coherent infrastructure

Reg Reader WorkshopPoll results: The management information journey

Nintendo pledges to pour out more Wiis

Admits demand-anticipation failure

'As I watch England turn into a quivering pile of dung'

FoTWReasoned analysis of Iranian nuke claim

Sony snapper to see further with 6x optical zoom

'Traffic Taliban' moots speed cameras in cats' eyes

Richard Brunstrom's latest cunning plan

Canada announces monster solar plant

40MW from one million panels

Sky+ Anytime, but not last time

Upgrade deletes recorded shows from some Sky+ boxes

iSymphony tunes up Bluetooth wireless hi-fi

UK airline pilots spot giant UFO

'Mile wide' mystery object hovers off Channel Islands

Engineers write defence against aliens manual

NASA consultants advocate sci-fi mujahideen tactics, call Sagan 'total jerk'

Apple TV hackers called to create open source set-top

You have nothing to lose but your CableCards

Japan wants levitating trains by 2025

Feel the force

Nominet gets academic on abuse

Boffins take aim at scammers

BOFH: Fishbowl this

Episode 14Glug glug glug

Fujitsu threaten one redundancy

Union baffled and baited

Sage chairman leaves after seven months

Horn-Smith gives himself the chop

Free BBC HD satellite TV service given green light

Sky alternative to launch 2008

A hosted 'Web 2.0' requirements management experience


IBM touts complete IPTV systems

You want it really, you know you do...

Hawking amazed by weightlessness

Next stop, space

Wal-Mart denies cheap HD DVD deal

Scheme simply hadn't got that far?

Firm offers Indian maths graduates by VoIP

All-the-the-boffin-you-can-take at a flat rate price

Man demonstrates extreme geekiness, reviews 105 PSUs

Magnum opus

Virgin lays down case against Sky

While ITV buy-up referred to Competition Commission

Fungus fingered in US honeybee wipeout

Possible cause of Colony Collapse Disorder?

Enraged AC Milan fan eBays goalie Dida

€71 top bid for blundering Brazilian

BT slammed in broadband cut off battle

'Victory for consumers', claims mortgage firm

Schools ban iPod cheaters

Broke the first rule of Cheat Club

Virtual overdoses of chocolate Wi-Fi

LettersAs well as trains, drunks and exoskeletons

IBM servers get 10 Gig boost

TCP offloaders aim to sharpen BladeCenter

Thai insurgents move to keyless-entry bombs

Cellphone devices blocked by security forces

Acer acquisition will be bigger than a breadbox, smaller than Gateway

Oh, you tease ...

Cause of global warming found

Discovery revealed in letter to editor

HP: 'IT, as we know it, is over'

AnalysisShips same new products to prove it

Reg readers total 3,238 years against cancer

The final score as closes shop

Apple releases MacBook battery update

Rest easy, not the explosion-preventing kind

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