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11th > April > 2007 Archive

Dell turns green waiting for Barcelona

New box impatient for four-cores

Georgia on the mind of three million after CD loss

One more reason to fear data handlers

UK PS3 price begins to drop

It was really only a matter of time

The 800lb Googilla in the boardroom

ColumnStill doing no evil?

FOI restrictions unnecessary, Info Commissioner says

Existing rules can do the job if used properly

Palm developing own OS - again

Full circle turned

Imperial College to research IT and patient safety

DoH stumps up £4.5m for research programme

Listen up banks: women are worth IT

'Archaic' systems stifling marketing campaigns

Orange talks up Vox

HTC smart phone to ship as SPV E650

Five critical reasons to update Windows today

Patch Tuesday puts sysadmins on overtime

Small tech firms say green regs WEEEly unfair

'Disproportionate' costs

US deploys cloaked airliner

Stealth black helicopters circle Dallas Forth Worth airport

Data disposal: Every action leaves a trace

CommentFootprints in the sand

Gov claims mobile phone theft waning as penalty rises

But is there still a market?

Viacom models Panama hat for Yahoo!

Semel to Google: Ha! Ha! Ha!

Oracle promises 37 spring security patches

Blooming marvellous

Darfur genocide mapped from space

Google Earth initiative tells it like it is

Samsung spins SpinPoint 2.5in drives

Storage for laptops, DVRs

Korean cloners in new faking investigation

Journal suspends wolf research

LG takes Shine to 3G

Orange punts two year lock-in

Puts brakes on handset replacement cycle

Military thinktank sees dark future

Brain-chipped middle class Goths in flashmob revolution by 2035

Watchdog downsamples Creative Xmod 'better than CD' claim

Prove it

Bondage pics found in astronaut's car

Hold tight for lift-off

Evesham motors in with car-friendly second-set LCD TV

US businessman makes $9m selling lunar real estate

Still eight billion acres up for grabs

DNA database 'will span most of the UK population'

Even human rights appeal case will not lessen its reach

Neighbours from hell will be sent to boot camp

Sin binned

Girls Gone Wild boss jailed for contempt

Of court, not underage girls

SurfControl reforms on track

It's all about on-demand

Paymaster migration an object lesson

Modernizing legacy apps is better for all

C2000 takes on audiovisual biz

Ripe for distribution?

Readers win with Reg Hardware

My RFID-embedded car numberplate has a virus

Security crystal ball gazing from McAfee

Wikipedia: battleground of the new millennium

US forces, lefties, wiki timewasters in unholy scuffle

Mobile content works better on a Nokia

Magazine app shows what really moves users' thumbs

Sun sprinkles FISH food for storage guppies

Open sourcing NetApp killer

HP to SMB storage market: 'Yoo-hoo! tee-hee!'

Hopes more disk = more love

Microsoft researcher obsessed with white trash data centers

Sun and Rackable pick up the phone

Microsoft 'wait-and-see' on Vista BIOS hack


All aboard the Green Grid

28 new riders vow to deliver less hot air

Microsoft zero-days said to target Office and Windows

Another Patch Tuesday marred

Plants may be red and yellow in galactic boonies

Star Trek no longer accurate depiction of space flora?

Apache reignites Sun open source dispute

Opens fire with open letter

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