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27th > February > 2007 Archive

Veritas man jumps Symantec ship

Security chief headed for private firm

HP pays for PolyServe while IBM and Dell watch

Cluster a Go Go

Dell could go indirect with Acer buy - analyst

Model 2.0

Gates demands better schools as Gates-backed school closes

Funds drop out

Richard and Judy probe extended

Forum posting raises questions

Intel announces fourth 45nm fab

Chip plant to go into production H2 2008

Apple presses pause on AppleTV roll-out

Ship-date shifts to March

Hypercard on steroids

One code to bind them all

Photos were 'grossly offensive' and not protected as free speech

High Court upholds Connolly conviction

Home secretary announces gun crime crackdown

Database to link weapons to crimes

Sony pledges thinner, cheaper Blu-ray Disc player

Pure unveils 'mobile' satellite broadband

Get online in under five minutes

Chinese develop remote-controlled pigeons

A flying world first

Microsoft buys into medical search

Tonic for Live search

ESA targets Mercury with BepiColombo mission

Joining forces with JAXA

German cops and spooks prep own spyware

AnalysisFederal Trojan for 'online searches'

RSI Awareness Day: The good and the bad needs to act rather than react

Mitac to buy Navman handheld business

Where does that leave Mio?

Cops may check crash drivers' mobile records

Extended powers proposal

Google set to challenge Microsoft's office monopoly

CommentNot great software, but certainly good enough

Comodo resolves site validation glitch

Trust restored

SanDisk to replace Flash in photography?

Holographic memory may be 'new digital film'

Westcon dives into NOXS

Pays €53.25m to boost network security offer

Ofcom to pick over Murdoch's ITV stake

Minister gets involved

'Commercial scale' jitters delay Europe's IPR vote

MEPs mull and mull again

MySpace hackers avoid extortion rap

Blackmail charges dropped against tracking software duo

Keele Uni celebrates record-breaking vice chancellor

Massive pay rise wows staff

Ofcom's ISP code of practice: why it is necessary

First PersonMy struggle with Plusnet

Don't buy our album, beg Deep Purple

UpdatedIan Gillan slams 'awful' live re-release

Torex Retail loses two more directors

Still sorting last year's accounts

Need an EU grant? Call a Romanian witch

Hag-assisted applications

Hatto hoax husband confesses

'Biggest attempt at recording theft ever attempted'

Security flap over support ActiveX controls bug


C2000 makes SME push

IBM server deal shows the way

KGB maps discovered in Jesus's coffin

LettersWho got the most mail, this week?

SEC sues 'hacker' firm for insider trading

Early access to profits

Kohn on Jobs

InterviewDrop the pose, Steve

Brocade makes hay before McData integration

Bitter pill to swallow? targets Wall Street with wealth creation plan

Fund managers ahoy

Microsoft employs bologna defense against VMware

Raises white paper with ball of fluff

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