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23rd > February > 2007 Archive

Sprint Nextel more reliable than Cingular, Shock!

Call-dropping like flies

Microsoft told to pay Alcatel $1.5bn in MP3 patent spat


Chimpanzees sharpen spikes for bush baby killings

Chimpy Spears

Rushing to the defense of the Baghdad Sniper

Letters'If you were smart you would keep your mouth shut'

BEA sales supremo exits as regions fizzle

WebLogic flat

Mysterious 'Vladuz' again hacks eBay employee servers

He's ba-ack

ICANN rides to the rescue in Registerfly meltdown

Touched by an Ombudsman

Ebuyer caught pinching content from rival site

Naughty, very naughty

New Europol powers need new protection, says watchdog

Consistency is key

Man due in court on letter bomb charges

Back in court later today

Doctors back controversial NHS IT system

But say 'no more cash'

EU endorses flexible frequency use

Just buy a license, and do what you will

Torture and '24' - because it hurts us less than the real thing?

The fiction is that it makes any kind of sense

Trojan phishing attack claims multiple victims

From Russia without love

Bruce Willis thwarts cybergeddon

Haxploitation opus set for summer release

DSG 'consults' on future of French operation

Preps 'Chere Jean' letter for PC City

Murdoch buys online ad firm

Popups for everyone

BOFH: The takeover

Episode 8Who's your Daddy?

In-car entertainment by LG

Ladies and gentleman, we're currently cruising at a speed of 70MPH...

MoD extends procurement to fire services

Expected to cut phone bills by 20%

KGB trumped OS on UK mapping

Thames Valley was top of target list

British council prepares action on Dell

Wolves circles in insider dealing case

eBay fingered in cash for honours scandal

Fancy a peerage? Click here

UK forces tested, rejected psychic techniques

Remote viewing far-fetched

The Screwpole Emails- Fytte the Third

Uncle Screwpole goes into project estimating...

Sagem shows off Uhura-style earpiece

Hailing frequencies open Lieutenant...

DiVitas turns mobiles into enterprise clients

Presence and email on your phone, and seamless VoIP roaming

NASA and Virgin Galactic ink space deal

Future collaboration

Comic Relief cans Jade Goody sketch

'Out of date' skit binned

Airline revamps 'unlucky' logo

LogoWatch13 dots spook superstitious fliers

Reduced backwards compatibility for European PS3

Why it should be any different is anyone's guess

Reg reader trapped in Vista network folder hell

The good, the bad and the folder with no name

US trawls Second Life funny money

LettersWe will, we will solution you!

Microsoft seeking SaaS, Web 2.0 partners

Not even a club with no rules...yet

UPS threatens to cancel A380 order

Any more delays and the deal's off

FAST acts against corporate file sharers

Controls not enough

India's wave of e-waste

Subcontinent covering itself in WEEE

Samsung showcases super speedy memory card

Data transfer speeds increased by two thirds

Intel and Microsoft plug into the Green Grid

ExclusiveGroup adds muscle and white papers

Canadian hockey geeks now courting Sun's McNealy

'We puck you'

New Yorkers get an eyeful of beaver

It's been a while

Pro golfer sues over Wikipedia postings

Fuzzy takes swing at wikiality

Overstock director picks Wall Street over crusade

Fisher tossed back

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