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21st > February > 2007 Archive

HP profits propagate

Puts pressure on pesky pensions

CodeGear polishes Delphi jewels

RAD scripting, man

Dell hits Rollins with $5m slap to the face

Golden umbrella

Vista: Gates backs Ballmer against confused analysts

Only Disconnect

Iraqi sniper claims soldiers' lives on Google Video

Warning: Graphic contentGoogle Video serves up anti-American propaganda

Blog: Kalido updates MDM tool

MDM, what's that all about?

SNIA promises new push for IP SANs

iSCSI seems to be the hardest word...

Microsoft relaxes virtual SQL Server terms

Flexible friend

CBS and YouTube decide against marriage

Proposed content deal collapses

Email addicts offered 12-step detox

First up: admit you have a problem

AirMagnet bids to analyse Cisco

'Vell...Cisco's just zis guy, y'know?'

eBay gives Britney's hair the chop

$1m locks delisted

Whitehall should share digital dialogues


Hornet death squads menace France

Honeybees massacred by oriental assassins

EC unveils strategy for spectrum liberalisation

Industry given more proactive role

Mac or PC? You've seen the ads, how do you choose for business?

CommentPractical issues

Ticket-dodging Oz boy racer boasts of exploits online

Chat room crowing ends in court

Lexar launches 45Mbps UDMA cards

Promise of less transfer time

UK wiretap watchdog wants MPs tapped

Report casts spotlight on surveillance Britain

US drones to pack crowd controlling strobe beam

Flying robots impose peace and tranquility

Blair spams road protesters

Petition answer pops up in inboxes

New Zealanders flock to

'The World's Largest Sheep Sex Personals Community'

Whopping widescreen Wii

Games played on 388in cinema screen

AMD wants to be seen as green

Chip maker rolls out energy-efficient processors

Committee blasts delays to new UK armoured vehicles

Chaos at MoD continues

IBM/PSI legal wrangle may give Itanium new life

Way to go

MSN punts 'scareware'

UpdatedRogue banner ads pulled

Vivianne Reding named 2006's 'villain of the internet'

.eu palaver tipped the scales

Alienware upgrades to warp speed

Area-51 7500 desktops to ship with Q6600 processor

Viacom boost for Joost

SpongeBob SquarePants snubs Google

Dutch demand ban of virtual child porn in Second Life

'School for paedophiles'

Microsoft shakes up the UK channel

One day, my son, we'll all be Microsoft resellers

ASA slams 'misleading' eBay ad

Testy bargain-hunter unable to find specified tat

MoD auction site looks to spice up couples' sex life

Peddles 'His 'n' hers' uniform sets

iPhone: A walk down Memory Lane

What's in a name?

Sticky tape USB stick holder

Keep clutter at bay with a Sellotape dispenser/USB hub

TSA makes a hash of 'no-fly' redress site

I'm not a terrorist and you know zip about net security

Google patches critical desktop flaw

Integrated attack

Gutenberg comes to mobile

Wattpad pads out copyrighted material

Linux breakthrough for Visual Basic developers

Mono choice

IBM preps UK job cuts

ExclusiveGlobal services for global people

Microsoft's SAM carrot

ello ‘ello ‘ello, save some money

NASA spies on dry, dusty worlds

Tooling up in the hunt for aliens

MS dirty tricks archive trickles back to life

Good hosting men needed

Police bust 300-strong 'paedophile ring'

Members based in UK, Australia, Canada and US

Sun unsheathes mysterious multi-threaded NIC

100-man team working on name

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