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20th > February > 2007 Archive

Microsoft's dirty tricks archive vanishes

What don't they want us to see?

Neteller waves goodbye to 250 staff

House of CardsDrops the hammer

SanDisk cuts 250 jobs on falling prices

Memory problems

Carphone Warehouse in pr0n demo outrage

Dial 8008135 4ABJ

BT Rakes in new chair

Bye-bye Bland

Collar the lot of us! Blair adds whole UK to police suspect list

You're on an identity parade. Forever.

Larry Page unweaves the rainbow his coloured balls


Police track 100mph urban joyrider

YouTube biker questioned

Microsoft's WGA changes today

Genuine Advantage not proven

Hampshire fights misguided HGV menace

'Do not follow sat nav. Very narrow lane'

Sex offenders' register to include senders of indecent email

You've got a SOPO

Tories attack ID card fingerprint plans

'We will abolish this costly plastic poll tax'

Snort bug is nothing to sniff at

Watching the detectives

Video game vets make better surgeons

Laparoscopy skills linked to gameplay experience

Cuba government to go open source

Red hat revolution

An open API for networking technology?

FuturesProcurve's 'bold new security vision strategy'

Laptop losses and phishing fruit salad

The need for accurate risk assessment

Microsoft + Toshiba = Portégé R400

First of the Vista native Portégé range is a looker...

New Nikon camera for new Nikon user

Manufacturer develops 'prosumer' demographic

Scotland to float 'world's biggest' wave farm

£13m for Orkney green 'leccy plant

Microsoft orders ROM removals

Not meant for mortal man

Phish fighters floored by DDoS assault

Botnet hits CastleCops under the belt

Logica offloads telecoms biz

Ditching products, beefing services

DDoS attacks deemed illegal in Sweden

Bots operators face jailtime

NHS barcodes cause daylight saving havoc

LettersAnd should 'solutions' be banned?

The phony economics of Second Life

AnalysisWhat the business press didn't tell you

Windows Defender spyware-blocking under fire (again)

Who tests the testers?

Sirius, XM resort to FCC-baiting merger

Oprah and Howard Stern in 'merger of equals'

Vista security overview: too little too late

ReviewBut some progress has been made

When is a dollar not worth a dollar?

When you're a UK company trying to buy US computer gear

'Hoax' stuns classical music world

Joyce Hatto: the greatest pianist no-one has heard of

Hacked eBay accounts give rise to conspiracy theories

Roswell, the Kennedys and a hacker named Vladuz

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