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16th > February > 2007 Archive

Bionic-boosted eyes go hi-def

AAASWe can rebuild you, see

BEA options re-statement hits $400m mark

EVP loses his E

Employee fired for probing bad guys awarded $4.7m

Termination was 'malicious, willful, reckless, wanton'

Start-up throws Liberty, Integrity and HP at IBM's lawyers

AnalysisLet our mainframes go

Mono on the Mac: Time to look beyond Linux?

Uncle Mac casts a grumpy eye

Wiki can link to controversial documents, judge rules

Online freedom of speech tested

Intel 'Bearlake' said to deliver 15% performance boost

Faster memory, FSB

Only some data thieves face two-year prison threat

Paper files exempt

PowerColor preps 'golden pig' graphics card

Chinese New Year tie-in

Analyst sounds AMD cash-flow warning

Chip maker about to be bought?

EC earmarks €50m for online scientific data storage

Opens access to research

Net vultures circle Joss Stone TV train crash

Updated'What the hell is with that American accent?'

Japan scrubs spy satellite launch

Bad weather, no new date set

MySpace for sports shoots out of the starter's block

Dot-com start-up launches like it's 1999

Most spiked drink victims actually legless

Less Rohypnol, more Red Bull and vodka

iSoft in talks with Aussie firm

But keeping options open

BOFH: The Brotherhood

Episode 7Vendor benders and lost weekends

Busty eBayer deploys mammary display stand

NSFW'Lucy' goes for the soft sell

Samsung shows Mobile WiMAX kit

IP - it's complex, but it's here to stay

CommentBusinesses get real about network convergence

TomTom beats to the distant sound of whalesong

LogoWatchFaint whiff of joss-sticks

Aussie outfit to ship wristphone next month

Can SMS Tech succeed where Samsung, DoCoMo failed?

UK Treasury knew of US hunt through British bank data

EU investigation closes in

Intertrust offers cut price DRM patents for OMA and Marlin

Designed to undermine the MPEG LA patent pool

Two defendants in German warez case admit charges

Third says he played a minor role

Vista OEM 'Express' upgrades stuck at the gate

People actually redeeming vouchers

iPod spares nude model's blushes

Strategically-placed device denies surfers an iFull

Lexar announces high-speed SDHC

Japanese whaler adrift in stormy seas

Greenpeace offer of help declined

EU police database on Brussels agenda

Stewed Prüm

Ingram Micro blames Brazil and Germany for so-so results

Distribution curve

Lights, camera, action

But does it have to be PowerPoint?

Ballmer downplays Vista sales

Don't believe the spreadsheets

Designing intelligent petitions too taxing for Brits

LettersWelsh accent optional, look you

Brocade intros McDATA-capable SAN switch

First the company, now for the customer SANs

Genes offer excuse for beer fear

AAASEvolutionary get-out for Barcadi Breezer drinkers

Dell snakes Motorola's mobile man

Hello, Garrqs

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