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22nd > August > 2006 Archive

Review criticises software for NPfIT

'Red' alert on 13 issues

Nurses bemoan lack of IT training

And criticise NPfIT

Profane trademark rejected

Except for sex shop use

Sony: PS3 not in production

Won't be enough to go around in any case

Cisco buys into TV-on-demand

Breaking into showbusiness

AOL CTO resigns over privacy 'screw-up'


NASA sheds light on dark matter

First direct evidence?

LG preps 60in single-scan plasma TV panel

Bigger, cheaper PDPs ahoy

French union demands eBay blocks fakes pre-emptively

Counterfeit crusade

BT cuts off Euro1net customers

Updated'Pay up and service will resume', says telco

ATI roadmap 'drops Intel chipsets'

Adds single-chipset and other goodies

Poll sheds light on US mobile searching habits

'Um, where's the nearest pizza parlour?'

Sun's open sourcing of Java: avoid the red herring

CommentFor Sun it's just a means to an end

Gongs on offer for stupid security measures

Pointless, intrusive and daft

iStuff touts iCast iPod FM transmitter

Ships ahead of legalisation move

French Elvis download exclusive to Orange

Get your Johnny Hallyday single now!

JCB set for world speed record

300mph digger

Sony Ericsson previews touchy-feely 3G phone

Network Walkman-esque styling

Java 6 Platform Revealed

Book reviewWhat's new in Java 6, pre-release

US authorities had free rein over world's bank data

Article 29 working party tackle SWIFT

Information commissioner fines accountant

Slap on the wrist

Deutsche Telekom forced to open network

Schadenfreude at BT?

Troubled Dell in PC price hike shocker

Set your wallet to stunned

ATI to launch Radeon X1950 series tomorrow

Boards likely to cost more than firm forecasts, say sources

Integration appliances

CommentThe strength of Cast Iron

Stupid operating systems or stupid operators?

LettersDid somebody mention dolphins?

Ryanair adopts nude passenger security regime

NSFWPutting the fun back into flying

Sun confirms all about 64-thread Niagara II

Hot ChipsCrypto a-go-go

Mitnick gets hit by Pakistani crackers

Digital graffiti attack targets reformed hacker

Swedish TV in news porn outrage

Viewers treated to Czech smut background

Nokia launches self-service upgrades

No more trips to the shop

Intel begs for multi-threaded software aid

Hot ChipsGive us your poor, huddled test suites

Sony readies slimline mobile-on-desktop PC-TV

Core Duo inside

IBM and Oracle must change software pricing – AMD

Or be open sourced away

US tweaks airbag snitch rules

Crash! the data

Geeks pray $100,000 box will solve software crisis

Hot ChipsThe 1,000-chip 'MIT Fix'

CMU promises to fix speech recognition with a chip

Hot ChipsA chip made by a robotic flying car

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