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21st > August > 2006 Archive

Men removed from jet for 'speaking Arabic'

Passengers act swiftly to tackle terror threat pair

Martian pole freckled with geysers

Unlike anything on Earth

Dear Sir Bill Gates: invoice enclosed

Prompt payment is expected

ATI posts driver update for Linux, Windows

Catalyst 6.8 released

Two arrested over fake hols website

Summer's here for scamming

Morgan Stanley punters get refund over computer cock-up

Migration mix-up

Dell to ship more than 3m AMD-based PCs by year's end?

According to analysts...

Amazon attempts antenna connection using kitten

UpdatedRSPCA alerted

Intel unveils Q963-based mobo

Business-friendly integrated-graphics mainboard

Google loses ground in search battle, AOL continues to freefall

Writely open for business

Palm: 3G Euro Treo to launch 12 September

Launch, yes - ship, not necessarily

i-mate turns from HTC for Jaq smart phone

Vendors new gadget pre-announced on web

FDA approves viruses as 'food additive'

Just plain weird, this one

Romanian police cuff 23 ID fraud suspects


Sandisk unveils 8GB Flash MP3 player

UpdatedBig anti-Nano price cuts too

Sony tickled pink over rose-tinted PS2

Targeting a 'diverse demographic', firm claims

Wanted: Master of the Belgian language

Google invents lingua novo

Samsung shows 'world's biggest' LCD HDTV

70in monster

DWP embarrassed by prisoner overpayments

Taxpayers fork out £13m to ineligible inmates

Computer-based models to replace the investment advisor?

AnalysisMan versus machine

ATI revives TV tuners for HD, DVR era

The TV Wonder years

IBM buys MRO Software

CommentGives Big Blue more depth

EDS keeps MOD schtum over settlement

Corporate America clouds British transparency

LogicaCMG buys its way into top ten

Buys WM Data

Ignorance is bliss for dolphins

Stupid and happy, apparently

Uri Geller sues over Elvis pad

Bid to claim possession after eBay auction win

Spend £11,700 now and save £30! enthuses Waitrose

Irresistable email offer

Access to Apple's iTunes goes bananas

And Orange broadband completes the fruitbowl

SEC sues over stock market spam scam


Sony pushes PS2 under £100

Memory card price cut too

Milton Keynes gets WiMAX

Wery wapid wireless

BBC cans Rose Tyler Doctor Who spin-off

'A spin-off too far'

Class action aims at Operation Ore

UK's biggest child porn case called into question

Flores' 'hobbits' on endangered list

Pinheaded pygmy

Synaptics gets touchy-feely with smart phone concept

The real iPhone design?

Nuclear Holocaust starts today: WSJ

Public Service AnnouncementPut your affairs in order

Trojan exploits unpatched PowerPoint vulnerability

Vicious circle

Mainstream press goes down on Dell

LinuxWorld stinks too

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