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15th > August > 2006 Archive

Why Google is right to rebuke brand abuse

OpinionFighting against genericide

Ofcom finds the generation gap

Noticed your bills going down? Thought so...

BT email demands accelerated convergence

'Role modelling the very best of customer-focused behaviours'

Team Three Pair - Fin

Imagine CupThe final blog entry of Team Three Pair

China gets tough on Simpsons

Mickey Mouse also hit by primetime ban

AMD retaliates against Intel with Rev F release

Less magical, more practical

NASA mislays original moon landing footage

Tape archive goes awol

ATI shifts X1950 XT launch to 14 September

London cabbies shun satnav

'I had that TomTom in the back once...'

Fraudsters pose as Companies House

Scam targets small business

A draw in the next-generation DVD war?

Neither Blu-Ray nor HD DVD likely to be a 'knock-out'

Barclays scripting SNAFU exploited by phishers

Read trawl about it

Flight delayed by terror alert? Watch World Trade Center

A Yahoo! News top tip

Apple sets lawyers on pod-people

Invasion of the trademark defenders

Oracle ups stake in Indian firm

Paying for acquistions

HTC roadmap 'leak' signals Muse music phone revival?

Shame it all looks so fake...

Near field communications gets nearer

New specs edge NFC standard towards reality

Planet heating: how bad is bad?

A round up of models and a range of risks

BenQ fetes femmes with Hello Kitty handset

Tickled pink

CA profits crash

1,700 casualties

US gets RFID passports

Freedom fried

Google offers discount vouchers

Local shops for local people

Iran president's weblog spews malware - false


One km = 600m miles, says CNN

Stretching it a bit

The parable of the beer and diapers

Database myths and legends (Part 3)Never let the facts get in the way of a good story

FBI doubts cellphone terror scheme

UpdateNuts to Barney Fife

Satellite protection scheme threatens radio comms

Boffins worried

Disk drive researchers turn up IDs, child porn

Old hard drives handed to police

Revenue pinches 22 in VAT fraud raids

Huge mobile phone carousel

Nvidia revamps Opteron server, workstation chipsets

Socket F friendly

Samsung sleek speaker-sporting MP3 player spotted

Touchscreen control too

China wants remote control for video sites

Censor extends reach

Hey, spammer, leave those kids alone

Michigan sues firms punting booze to minors

Reg readers suffer technology separation anxiety

LettersAnd vigilante envy

US Robotics ships Skype-ready USB handset pair

One with a screen, one without

OpenOffice hits back at viral risk claims

Safe as houses

Wanted: Reg hardware hackers for set top fun

ExclusiveWhat Peter Dawe did next

Turning Che Guevara into a GIF for therapy

And ninthlyOr how I deal with Bro-Magnon Man

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