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10th > August > 2006 Archive

Taxman wants power to fingerprint suspects

Keep PACE with technology, HMRC urges

Intel trims telco fat and sells it to Eicon

'We'll chew on that'

No special breaks for Windows Vista customers - Microsoft

A time to gamble

Ancient satire foretold AOL's privacy disaster

Igor, to the machines! We have a sample...

RM buys into music

All together now: "We don't need no ed-yoo-kayshun..."

Becta to save cash for schools

New framework to ease 'risk and burden' of ICT

Gates puts $500m into global health fund

Filling a shortfall

Social sites a breeding ground for malware: report

Harmful software another threat to children

Terror crackdown at UK airports

UpdateLaptops? iPods? No thank you

Hyped technologies for 2006

Gartner tips Web 2.0 for the trough

AMD ships low-cost dual-core Athlon 64

Socket AM2 3600+ aimed at China

Nvidia posts final Quad SLI drivers

Ready for owners of two GeForce 7950 GX2 cards

Moving capital markets towards their nirvana

Commoditisation of transparency and speed

Intel cans 3GHz, 3.2GHz Pentium D CPUs

8xx and 9xx versions EOL'd

VIA unveils 19W fanless mini-itx mobo

EPIA EK arrives August

Two charged in Royal phone tap probe

Phreaking serious

Welshman in 12 pint cider binge goat death ride

Kid-napping ends in tragedy

3dfx's quad-GPU Voodoo5 board offered to bidders

Never-released 6000 card eBayed

Sprint says yes to US-wide WiMAX network

CommentMajor victory for Motorola and Samsung

Flaw exposed in HSBC's online banking

Bank says customers are 'adequately protected'

Sony Ericsson readies 3G media phone

Push email, blog apps on board

Cellcos face challenge from satellite, cable cos in AWS auction

AnalysisTop 10 bidders commit $4bn in upfront fees

Magistrate rejects ex-Brocade chief's dismissal application

Heading towards trial

Babycare guru fires back at Mumsnet

Denies she is trying to close the site

Board change at Compel

Old timer clocks out

BlackBerry hacking peril exposed

Blackjacking circumvents corporate defences

Intel posts Linux-friendly GMA 3000 drivers

Start of an 'ongoing commitment' to open source plaform, apparently

Fibre break cuts off O2 customers in South East

Fewer bars than Salt Lake City

Hauppage takes aim at Slingbox with TV Anywhere

Cheaper, but not digital

Neuros brings SD card support back to MPEG 4 Recorder

Memory Stick not lost

Samsung shows 'first' 3in VGA digicam viewfinder LCD

Based on TV tech

Four 'naked civil servants' fired by RPA

'There have been incidents involving faeces'

Skype malware scam targets Turkey

The Keyser Söze of spyware

IBM files away FileNet for $1.6bn

Information game

Is the US finally fixing its patent system?

Valley JusticeOr is the little guy just getting hosed?

Yanks not impressed with UK terror emergency

CommentMore red-mercury fantasy, or Katrina-like indifference?

Cisco rewards friends with $50m investment

Nuova spins-in

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