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9th > August > 2006 Archive

Lords rule on 'grossly offensive' phone calls

Man's messages to local MP 'insulting and perjorative'

Sybase touts distributed data integration

Suite success

Chinese man trademarks Zidane headbutt

Mark up for grabs for $125,000

Cheshire's particle accelerator gets £2m cash injection

Putting Britian on the science map, DTI says

Parallels updates Mac OS X virtualisation tool

Pleades Vista, 'fast' 3D support

Sage still taking buyer's medicine

Goes to Florida for £297m surgical graft

Social enterprise deal for HP and Curam

Team up to take SEM to the public sector

IBM moves further into applications

CommentSwallows Webify

Dell exec confirms AMD notebooks for October

AMD agrees

Orange mobile network goes AWOL

UpdatedPops out for a KitKat

T-Mobile Germany unveils 'super 3G' Vario II

Fast-download smartphone

Babycare guru demands closure of 'defamatory' site

Mum's the word

Accessing DB2 UDB with PHP (Part 2)

TutorialUsing PHP with IBM's DB2 universal database

Sainsbury's cans DVD rentals

Not pukka

UK retailer touts ultra-slim monolith MP3 player

2001 inspired?

Barclays to launch two-factor authentication

Card readers secure online banking

Elonex creditors back administration

Unsecured creditors will get less than 20 per cent

Three quizzed in Royal phone tap probe

Noise on the wire

Logitech revamps wireless music kit with full remote control

Four-room ready too

Brits adopt 'safe surfing' habits

Confidence grows but viruses remain a problem

US Senator claims campaign site 'hacked'

Or something

Sprint makes $3bn WiMax play

Drafts in Intel, Motorola and Samsung as cheerleaders

Boffins sketch solution to bulging moon problem

Use them new-fangled Computerers? Lawks, no, sir...

MS releases dirty dozen

Nine critical fixes star in August Patch Tuesday update

Vodafone customers to pay extra for Extra

Mobeco pulls MMS from cut price pack

Cisco turns up profits despite set top box buy

Sales rise set to cheer investors

Sony shuffles Sports Walkman brand into iPod era

Tube-like DAP gets jogger-friendly features

ICSTIS speaks out on latest Big Brother voting furore

'Please leave us alone'

Windows Live suffering from 'paralysis,' says Microsoft Ex

Technorati RSS feeder walks

US football through the Net Neutrality looking glass

FCC, big cable, and net newts again

Dead geeks depend on the kindness of strangers

Into the ValleyWill a wooden Jobs be so lucky?

Idioms wilt as heatwave humour drought worsens

LettersThe Vest is the Best

Borland on black track, says CEO

Balls in the air

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